Congratulations, you are pregnant :)

So after much anticipation and drum rolling the lines on the stick accompanied with a few niggling symptoms has confirmed that you are going to be a mama. Whether planned or unplanned, discovering you are expecting can bring about many emotions. Some experience great joy and others experience shock but in the midst of it all its so very important to continue trusting God . Psalm 139:13 says ‘you created my innermost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb’. Because of many beautiful scriptures like these in the Bible, we know we can trust God for the perfect pregnancy and delivery. My payer for you is that you will have a happy and healthy pregnancy filled with the joy of the Lord as your strength.  The following tips should come in handy as you embark on this beautiful journey  and if i have missed out any tips please feel free to share your ideas and tips too. 
*first things first do visit your doctor as soon as you get a positive pregnancy result so that you can be offered advice,find out due date and learn more about vitamins to help you have a healthy pregnancy.  It is recommended that woman should take folic acid in pregnancy especially in the first 12 weeks.
*Do eat plenty of fruit and veg after all you will be sharing nutrients with your baby
*Be very very prayerful, start declaring scriptures over your baby and yourself. Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For i know the plans i have for you declares The Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to bring you hope’.
There are many scriptures in the Bible which you can read and bless your baby..yes you can bless your baby even before they see the outside world.
*Invest in thirst quenching moisturising lotion because as time progress the skin tends to stretch and become dry and itchy so treat yourself to a really nice lotion. I personally avoided harsh products during my pregnancy because i wanted to use natural products especially those without parabens etc..
*Do get measured at regular intervals because your bust size will increase dramatically and so its good to invest in a good supportive bra. You can find beautiful bras that look feminine…no body says you have to look like Mrs Doubtfire just because you are  pregnant.
*Gone are the days of looking frumpy in pregnancy, these days there are many maternity boutiques that caters for many styles so when you are no longer able to zip your trousers or jeans do pop into a fabulous maternity boutique and treat yourself to a couple of stylish maternity jeans. Maternity fashion does not have to break the bank so look out for good well priced maternity wear.


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