in the news….a mother finds jagged blade in her toddler’s food

ImageA mother who served sainsburys chicken kiev to her 1 year old daughter for dinner only to find blade inside it has vowed to never shop at sainsburys.  Miss Perks from Derbyshire only discovered the blade as she cut up the kiev in pieces for her little one and thank God she saw it as it could have turned out horrific. Sainsburys have apologised and are currently investigating how the blade ended up in the food. As a mum i do worry about buying certain foodstuff for reasons like this and this is also why i like to choose my ingredients carefully and cook from scratch although that is not always easy based on demands of the modern day society. I am not here to bash this lady i am just glad her child is safe and hopefully this incident will not happen to anyone else. 

story taken from daily mail and pic courtesy of fpegalex

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