Prince George’s Christening a royal delight :)


This week saw a magnificent and quite significant event take place in the heart of Britain and that is the christening of Prince George who is third in line to the throne.  The royal baby who was christened on Wednesday 23rd October 2013 at St James palace  arrived in style wearing a delicate lacy christening gown  and looking so adorable .  Many newspapers and news channels reported it as a joyous event which went well without tears as the royal baby according to the daily telegraph was on his best behaviour. A lot has been reported on what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wore. Some have likened princess Zara’s outfit to that of Victoria Beckham but i would just like to draw on this significant event and just applaud the royal couple for upholding their faith by introducing their baby to the faith. I understand it is part of many traditions pact iced by the royal family and of course as the queen is the head of church of England but it is still nevertheless a beautiful gesture which i pray will have a positive impact on the young Prince’s life. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to ‘train a child the way he should go so that when he is old he would not depart from it’. Born to a hugely catholic family, i too was also christened and had a lovely godmother a child and as i grew up i was taught bits and bobs about the faith which i believed has led me to this journey of being a born again Christian. At times when i was alone as a teenager moving from one house to the next i always held closely to my heart all the songs and prayers (The Lord’s payer) i learnt as a child and yes God used it for my good. 

When i was in my early twenties i became a born again Christian and i did get baptised as an adult which is a good thing as as adult your aware of the significance and also you are making a concious decision to follow Christ. I do not regret being Christened as a baby because i know whether i understood it or not God still used it for my good. 

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