In the news:Mother left fuming after being told to stop breastfeeding in the swimming pool

ImageMiss Howes from Kent was swimming with her 8 months old baby girl when the little baby grew restless. According to daily mail, Miss Howes started feeing her baby but was told by staff to stop as it was deemed offensive. Ms Howes then proceeded to locate to the side of the pool to which she was told it would be best to finish feeding her baby in the changing room. She is now demanding an apology from the leisure centre and quite rightly so they owe her one just for blowing things out of proportion.

This is shocking and it should not even have reach the headlines because society in itself has become so perverted. Even the Bible tells us what is good will become bad and what is bad will become good. Sometimes just walking down the street you see all  types of strange  things which because of rules in laws this has become good and yet something as natural as nursing has become ‘offensive’. What some people don’t understand is that babies don’t understand that mum is out and about and they cannot just feed whenever wherever because people get offended. Also you cannot tell a baby to wait until you get home because he or she will look at you as if you have lost the plot. There are many ways one can nurse in pubic without feeling embarrassed. I have a few nursing tops and crossover style tops which make the job so much easier and i never leave the house without a blanket and a burp cloth in case i need to cover up while out and about.My 2nd princess is 6 months old and just getting the hang of solid food so nursing is still a big deal for her so i totally sympathise with this lady.

Lets hope they make it easier for mum’s to nurse in public, if not then perhaps everybody should be banned from eating in public lol.

story read from dailymail on 1stnov2013

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