In the news:Tiger parents lead happier and less stressful lives

ImageA research published in the social psychological and personality science organisation show that parents who put their children’s needs before their own tend to lead happier lives. They argue that the ‘tiger mum’ who is usually perceived as know the one who makes sure they eat well,sleep well,study hard and take up lots of extra curricular activities tends to be happier than laid back mums. The journal concluded there is a huge correlation of emotional and financial investment and happiness and in their own words ,’we reap what we sow with our children’.  I don’t really like to put myself in categories so i don’t know if i am a helicopter mum or a tiger mum perhaps i am somewhere in the middle.

This is a very interesting study as a few scriptures come into mind. Matthew 7:16 ‘by their fruits you shall know them’ and in some respects children are their parent’s fruit and it is such an amazing privilege we have as parents to be able to mould our children. I Pray that God will help us all plant the right seeds into our children’s lives so that we can see the right fruit and yes reap the rewards why not.

story scooped from Daily Mail on 01/11/13 and pic from knowyourmeme

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