In the news: mothers to get paid £200 to breastfeed


Yes you heard it right, as 2014 mothers in the Uk will be offered £200 in shopping vouchers as an incentive for breastfeeding. The scheme is part of an initiative designed to help mothers breastfeed for as long as possible and ideally up to 6 months. Mothers will be monitored by their caregivers in order to verify that they are indeed nursing. The scheme is first being introduced in Sheffield due to its low nursing rate. According to  a report by the BBC, ‘just one in four mothers are breastfeeding by the sixth to eight week mark compared with a national average of 55%’

Wow is all i can say as i am not sure how they will be able to monitor this because if somebody wants to pretend to nurse they can do that and of course how will they know once mums have gone home that they are still nursing? i think its a great idea to encourage nursing but at the same time it has got to come from a mother’s heart and not be done out of compulsion. Also society’s views on nursing in general has to change as i have heard some woman do not nurse because they view that part of their body as a sexual object because lets face it there is so much nudity in media and you only have to buy The Sun to find it staring at you in page 3. I personally count it as a blessing to be able to nurture a baby, it is such a beautiful thing and of course lets not forget all the health  benefits for mum and baby and so its alarming to see how the government can try to put a price on it…well enough of what i think, Lets just wait and see how it is going to play out….

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