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Blessings from an unlikely source

ImageAs we are leaving 2013 and by the Grace of God entering the new year I have been reflecting on what an amazing year this has been. Of course I am thankful for the gift of life that goes without saying but it is always good to voice our gratitude to the Lord even though He knows what we want to say before we even say it. God blessed me with a healthy baby girl in April who is just as happy,peaceful and adorable like her 3 year old big sister. In the midst of lack and credit crunch my hubby has managed to remain in a job and also God has sustained us all in many way that writing it all down could possibly take a lifetime. Some time last month I kept hearing the words ‘unexpected blessings or blessings from an unlikely source’ within my heart and I looked up the scriptures and came across this ‘behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19’ This just sums up my year how blessings came from unlikely sources. I learnt one thing for sure this year and that is to not dictate to God how and where and whom He should use to bless you because if He can (and He does) create rivers in a desert then He can bless us whichever way He chooses. I have learnt indeed with God all things are possible and quite frankly the same person you have been bickering with,gossiping about or running away from may very well be the same person God uses to bless your life. So do not limit or put God in a box, do not say i dont like Nigerian people because you might end up with a Nigerian husband lol God is Good!


pic from Jewel of encouragement 

Whats on tv : Niaja bites season 3 goes to Atlanta

One of my fave shows Naija bites is back bigger and better…well actually it came back in October but as a busy mum one never gets a chance to kick back and enjoy me time like i used to so i am catching up on repeats.The new season filmed in Atlanta features Mary Shittu with TV chef Rasheeda. This is a fun informative  programme especially for stay at home mums who enjoy cooking. There you can widen your love of African cuisine mainly Nigerian. I am totally loving this show as you never know which guest might pop in and for me the most surprising guest by far has been Musiq Soulchild who popped in for Efo riro (excuse my spelling). Everything is always bigger and brighter in the states but i do my UK version with chef Busola so i shall keep you posted when the new series begins.You can watch Naija bites on OHTV sky channel 199 or on your mobile phone by downloading the free OHTV app.

Christmas…….not so merry for many Christians around the world :(

Whilst many of us enjoyed Christmas this year many around the world did not get a chance to. A car bomb exploded in Baghdad killing around 38 people and wounding many more. The bomb happened just outside a church as worshippers were leaving the service. For some Christians around the world, celebrating christmas makes then stand out like a sore thumb hence making them more of a target. More needs to be done to ensure the freedom of worship.

Merry Christmas



Merry Christmas all, hope you have all had a blessed time with loved ones. This Christmas has been truly beautiful; celebrating with my husband and our two darling daughters. It was even more special as it was my youngest daughter’s 1st ever Christmas in the world. My little beauty enjoyed the day dressed in her reindeer tutu outfit and smiled and giggled all day despite her teething pain. My 3 year old enjoyed opening her gifts this year more than last year because she knows more than she knew last year. Before we went to bed she ensured chocolate biscuits and milk was left out for Santa. A few days before she visited Santa at the local department store and told him exactly what she wanted….Doc mucstiffins,a drum, guitar,baby annabelle,peppa pig laptop and oh the list goes on so hubby and i had to up our game this year to much her expectation. There was no snow but there was plenty of laughter,love,food and songs of worship at our place. In the midst of the presents,cooking mayhem there was an essence of peace knowing that none of those things mattered. Jesus our Lord is indeed and always will be the reason for this beautiful time called Christmas. My 3 year old out of the blue put a smile on my face when she said, ‘mummy Jesus was born in Bethleeeam’, to which i replied that’s right and on Christmas day we celebrate His birthday. 

So merry Christmas to you all and may the good Lord, the prince of peace Jesus CHRIST the author of salvation grant you His goodness,mercy and favour Amen. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 😉

In the news:New York postman rescues twin baby boys from burning building


A postman on his way to work rescued 11 months old twin boys from a burning third floor flat early Wednesday morning. According to sky news, Mr Shirley was on his way to work when he noticed smoke coming from his building and as he looked up he saw a father and his twin babies trying to escape. Mr Shirley asked the father to throw (yes throw ) the babies to him and  he was able to catch the  babies one by one. Gorgeous Babies Israel and Ishmael were taken to Jacobi Medical centre and were both declared fine. Their mum Nikalia thanked God and said it was a ‘miracle’…wow it is a miracle that babies thrown from a 3rd floor survived without injuries. What a courageous deed on the part of Mr Shirley God bless him…such a heart warming story!

pic from Dailymailuk

Mamablogbygraceloves: good music:) Dara Mclean freeeee

I was watching contemporary praise on Revelations TV channel 581 a couple of months ago and i came across this rare gem of a song.I absolutely love it and it has become my school run song as i usually have a listen when i am walking to nursery to collect my daughter and this beautiful song makes the journey so much faster and enjoyable…you know how its like when you hear a song you really like and cannot get enough of. Forgive me if you have heard it before but for me i wonder if i have been hiding under a rock that i have only just discovered it. It is so amazing that i have to go to great lengths to hear some good music ..enyway enjoy the video and if you want to watch contemporary praise you can catch it on Revelations TV every week usually presented by Thula Sibanda.

In the news: A woman gives birth in Brasil via c-section but no sign of baby!


It has been reported today on the daily mail that a 37 year old woman in Brasil who was rushed to hospital for an emergency c-section at 41 weeks was not pregnant to begin with. The lady who had been in the care of local midwives throughout the entire ‘pregnancy’ arrived to the hospital with her maternity notes in Cabo Frio, South east Brasil after suffering from  strong labour pains. When labour failed to progress, a c-section was performed much to the horror of all who were in attendance when they discovered her womb had been empty the whole time.

According to reports, the c-section was only carried out as no heart beat was detected and the lady was already overdue. The lady is now receiving help and the whole incident has been recorded as phantom pregnancy.  Phantom pregnancy is a real disorder that has happened to a lot of woman in the past. It usually occurs when a lady is longing for the fruit of the womb and having issues conceiving. They then convince themselves that they are really pregnant and soon enough they start displaying ‘real’ symptoms of pregnancy from morning sickness to eventually having a huge tummy…kind of like as a man thinks therefore he is (Proverbs 23;7)

Wow this this really goes to show the power of the mind and i hope for restoration for all those involved.

Brit Nicole dedicates her gorgeous baby :)


Train up a child the way he should go says the book of Proverbs and award winning gospel singer Brit Nicole started that important step by dedicating her 4 months old baby girl Ella. Cutie Ella wore a soft pink vintage styled dress with flower studded hair band…(Funnily enough it looks just like the hair band my princess wore for her dedication on the 3rd November this year..i got it from H&M)

Anyway not deviate from the story, it is so wonderful to see parents dedicating their babies unto the Lord so congratulations Miss Ella God bless you !!

Recently a friend of mine who is a ‘baby’ Christian asked me if she could still dedicate her 3 yr old son as i recently dedicated my princess at 7 months. My friend feels she may have left it too late but i tried to encourage her by letting her know its never too soon Nor too late to dedicate your child to God. Its amazing how the enemy can try  to fill our minds with doubt so i would encourage any mum out there wanting to dedicate their child to go ahead regardless of their age as its the most beautiful thing one can do for their child and yes one day they will thank you for it.

Multi talented Gospel singer Byron Cage celebrates 51st birthday


Byron Cage celebrated his 51St birthday last weekend with much prayer and thanksgiving unto God according to his tweets over the weekend.  Mr Cage who only recently returned from an emotional yet humbling trip to South Africa which coincided with the passing of Nelson Mandela seemed to be enjoying his day as he later tweeted thank you messages to us his fans and also to his peers.

I still cant believe he is 51 and not 35 well praise God for the grace too look young and i hope when i reach the 50s club i will look that good!! Congratulations to him !!

mama outings: LoveJos Christmas carol taking place today in London


The LoveJos Christmas Carol is taking place this evening in London at St. John’s church stratford (see flyer for info). LoveJos is a charity which was set up in support of the persecuted Christians in Nigeria mainly those in the North. Please feel free to support the cause and  whether you are able to attend please try your best and dig deep in our pockets wink wink!! 

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of the year yet for so many it is usually marred with violence because some do note have the privilege to celebrate without fear of persecution. Now unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years you would have noticed churches being bombed or set on fire is becoming an everyday occurrence in various parts of the world but Christmas day is usually a target because that is when the Christians are set apart because of their celebrations. 

Please join and support the cause wherever you are and may God bless you richly Amen.