On a serious note:Dr Paul Crouch leaves a great legacy

ImageI could not believe what i heard today but unfortunately it is true…the founder of TBN Dr Paul Crouch has gone to be with The Lord at just 79. My prayer is that God will comfort his loved ones and carry them all through this tough time. They should also take comfort in the legacy that this great man of God has left behind in various people worldwide. When i got saved in March 2006 i found TBN to be most useful in those early walks. I would often watch various teachings by the likes of Joyce Meyer,KCM and TBN’s own shows like behind the scenes with Dr Crouch. I cannot state enough how important the Bible is but i also know faith comes by hearing and the more i heard the word of God in those nearly days the more i felt strengthened.

Now as a mum of two i realise even more the importance of good quality Christian programming as we are not exactly spoilt for choice and the secular kids programmes seem to be getting darker and more new age by day. My 3 year old princes loves TBN and she has learned so many scriptures by watching God Rocks and singing along with them and also by watching other cartoons.I thank God that TBN and other Christian channels are there playing their parts in influencing our kiddies in a positive way and may it long continue for countless generations and more in Jesus name Amen.

2 thoughts on “On a serious note:Dr Paul Crouch leaves a great legacy

  1. Paul Crouch was faithful to the massive calling that God put on his life. I thank God for Paul’s obedience and faithfulness to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Was Paul a perfect man? No, no one is. But he served a Perfect Savior and Lord. God Bless you Paul, I love and appreciate you.

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