in the news:Baby girl taken away from mum after a forced c-section :(


This news has been circulating for the past couple of days and it is rather disturbing but it is true. A 35 year old woman originally from Italy who was in the UK at the time of her pregnancy suffered from mental health issues and went to social services for help. She was under the impression she was going to receive help however towards the end of her pregnancy she was sedated and the baby was removed from her via c-section. Sadly all of the above took place without her consent or her knowledge and she has never had the chance to spend time with her child as the baby girl is now up for adoption. The lady who already has two children has been left devastated by this ordeal and if you ask me this is something that can cause anyone to relapse if they already had existing health issue. The mum wants to be reunited with her baby and have the baby adopted by a relative.

This is just shocking to think a woman can be sedated and have her baby taken away against her will. This is just barbaric and i hope it all gets resolved soon and i hope for a positive outcome for the mum,baby and all those concerned.


pic from the daily mail

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