In the news: A woman gives birth in Brasil via c-section but no sign of baby!


It has been reported today on the daily mail that a 37 year old woman in Brasil who was rushed to hospital for an emergency c-section at 41 weeks was not pregnant to begin with. The lady who had been in the care of local midwives throughout the entire ‘pregnancy’ arrived to the hospital with her maternity notes in Cabo Frio, South east Brasil after suffering from  strong labour pains. When labour failed to progress, a c-section was performed much to the horror of all who were in attendance when they discovered her womb had been empty the whole time.

According to reports, the c-section was only carried out as no heart beat was detected and the lady was already overdue. The lady is now receiving help and the whole incident has been recorded as phantom pregnancy.  Phantom pregnancy is a real disorder that has happened to a lot of woman in the past. It usually occurs when a lady is longing for the fruit of the womb and having issues conceiving. They then convince themselves that they are really pregnant and soon enough they start displaying ‘real’ symptoms of pregnancy from morning sickness to eventually having a huge tummy…kind of like as a man thinks therefore he is (Proverbs 23;7)

Wow this this really goes to show the power of the mind and i hope for restoration for all those involved.

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