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Brit Nicole dedicates her gorgeous baby :)


Train up a child the way he should go says the book of Proverbs and award winning gospel singer Brit Nicole started that important step by dedicating her 4 months old baby girl Ella. Cutie Ella wore a soft pink vintage styled dress with flower studded hair band…(Funnily enough it looks just like the hair band my princess wore for her dedication on the 3rd November this year..i got it from H&M)

Anyway not deviate from the story, it is so wonderful to see parents dedicating their babies unto the Lord so congratulations Miss Ella God bless you !!

Recently a friend of mine who is a ‘baby’ Christian asked me if she could still dedicate her 3 yr old son as i recently dedicated my princess at 7 months. My friend feels she may have left it too late but i tried to encourage her by letting her know its never too soon Nor too late to dedicate your child to God. Its amazing how the enemy can try  to fill our minds with doubt so i would encourage any mum out there wanting to dedicate their child to go ahead regardless of their age as its the most beautiful thing one can do for their child and yes one day they will thank you for it.

Multi talented Gospel singer Byron Cage celebrates 51st birthday


Byron Cage celebrated his 51St birthday last weekend with much prayer and thanksgiving unto God according to his tweets over the weekend.  Mr Cage who only recently returned from an emotional yet humbling trip to South Africa which coincided with the passing of Nelson Mandela seemed to be enjoying his day as he later tweeted thank you messages to us his fans and also to his peers.

I still cant believe he is 51 and not 35 well praise God for the grace too look young and i hope when i reach the 50s club i will look that good!! Congratulations to him !!

mama outings: LoveJos Christmas carol taking place today in London


The LoveJos Christmas Carol is taking place this evening in London at St. John’s church stratford (see flyer for info). LoveJos is a charity which was set up in support of the persecuted Christians in Nigeria mainly those in the North. Please feel free to support the cause and  whether you are able to attend please try your best and dig deep in our pockets wink wink!! 

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of the year yet for so many it is usually marred with violence because some do note have the privilege to celebrate without fear of persecution. Now unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years you would have noticed churches being bombed or set on fire is becoming an everyday occurrence in various parts of the world but Christmas day is usually a target because that is when the Christians are set apart because of their celebrations. 

Please join and support the cause wherever you are and may God bless you richly Amen.

A mama must know: the truth about hydrogenated fat ewwwww yuk

So i was watching the 700 club recently (one of my fave programmes) and i came across a report on hydrogenated fat. It was both shocking and alarming. I had no idea how many food products contain this synthetic ingredient. I have found myself reading labels and ingredients before buying. Today i went to the supermarket with my toddler and she wanted biscuit, Now she is a good girl and eats healthy food..anything from okra to yam etc.. so i have no issues with giving her the occasional treat especially as she does not have a sweet tooth but still i would much rather stick to a piece of fruit if the only biscuits available contain this dodgy ingredient. From what i understand it is synthetic so your body does not recognise it and therefore does not know what to do with it..yikes that is not good at all.

On a serious note: Papa Mandela from prisoner to president


As the news unfolded on thursday night i tried to think and hope it may just be a hoax but it was not to be. I ignored the tweets and waited for the news to confirm instead as i really did not want to believe that Madiba Mandela was no more. For as far as i can remember i have always associated papa Mandela with greatness,respect and peace. Even as far back as 1990  when i joined in celebration of his release from prison as a 7 year old girl who could not utter a word of english or knew much history still we celebrated and looked up to him as a hero. We saw him as the word peace personified. 

As the years went by i began to truly understand Madiba’s accomplishments,what he did and what he went through. We sang ‘free Nelson Mandela’ in assembly countless times and whenever the opportunity came i read his mini autobiographies which in my opinion was rather simplified and romanticised that unless you had other sources of information you would think Robin Island was a theme park. Madiba’s life cannot be sugar coated for here was man who for the first 50 plus decades of his life could not live freely in his own country of birth. A man who was not allowed to vote in his own country and experienced brutality and had 27 years of his life snatched from him and more including his marriage.

When i look at all that Madiba had to endure it amazes me that he always sought peace for all and not just for those who shared his skin tone. I am amazed that he harboured no bitterness towards those who oppressed him as he forgave and moved on. Sir TRevor Mcdonald who was one of the first journalists to interview him after his release from prison note Mr Mandela did not complain once and referred to all that happened to him as ‘in the past’.  

When i think about this great man i am just honoured and and cannot help but liken him to Joseph who also was prisoner but God never forgot him just like He never forgot Mr Mandela. Like Joseph who went from being a prisoner to what we could class as a modern day prime minister or deputy prime minister, God promoted Madiba from a prisoner to a president. The one who was once deemed a terrorist became what God had always ordained for him to be from the beginning of time…somebody great. Now if that is not restoration then i do not know what is. Just like Joseph who used his power for good so did Madiba. He really had a chance to seek revenge when he was put in charge instead he continued to campaign for peace and equality for all.

So it is with great respect that i say God bless the family of Mr Mandela and long may his legacy continue. 


Kirk Franklin celebrates his wife’s bday :)


awwwww Kirk Franklin had loads of reasons to smile yesterday as his beautiful wife’s birthday. The besotted world renown gospel artist tweeted a heartfelt birthday message with a picture of the happy couple in matching outfits. The happy couple who have been married since 1996 with 4 children look stylish as they mirror each other in the picture.So here here a very happy birthday to Mrs Franklin, may God bless her,keep her and continue to bless her and her home Amen.

I am really encouraged by this, its good to see marriages …long marriages that is especially in today’s world where it seems the norm to hop from one marriage to the next.

in the news:Baby girl taken away from mum after a forced c-section :(


This news has been circulating for the past couple of days and it is rather disturbing but it is true. A 35 year old woman originally from Italy who was in the UK at the time of her pregnancy suffered from mental health issues and went to social services for help. She was under the impression she was going to receive help however towards the end of her pregnancy she was sedated and the baby was removed from her via c-section. Sadly all of the above took place without her consent or her knowledge and she has never had the chance to spend time with her child as the baby girl is now up for adoption. The lady who already has two children has been left devastated by this ordeal and if you ask me this is something that can cause anyone to relapse if they already had existing health issue. The mum wants to be reunited with her baby and have the baby adopted by a relative.

This is just shocking to think a woman can be sedated and have her baby taken away against her will. This is just barbaric and i hope it all gets resolved soon and i hope for a positive outcome for the mum,baby and all those concerned.


pic from the daily mail