In the news:Amazing… little girl given 7 days extension on life support

JahisheshallliveandnotdieshalllivetodeclaretheworksofthelordThe family of 13 year old Jahi won an injunction to stop doctors from turning of their little girl’s life support machine. Jahi recently underwent a routine procedure to remove her tonsils but the operation went horribly wrong resulting in a heart attack and thereafter she was declared brain dead on the 12th December. The hospital were planing to turn off her life support and on the eleventh hour the family won the right to keep her life support machine turned on for another week. This is a brave move and i feel that God can still and will intervene on behalf of this little girl and her family. I have seen footages of the family praying outside the hospital. Prayer works and there has been many cases of people declared ‘clinically’ dead only for them to survive. We serve a good God and i pray for that goodness to be revealed in this little girl’s life. Just because the doctors say this is it, it does not necessarily mean this is it…there is always room for a miracle and i trust that God will have the last word in this situation. I would urge anybody out there reading this to intercede for Jahi and pray for God to heal her and restore her and her family. Please get on your hand and knees and pray in the name of Jesus!!! With God all things are possible

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