Once upon a time baby showers used to be an American thing


Last weekend i attended my good friend’s baby shower. This was a much anticipated event as i received an invitation weeks ago plus a reminder the day before. On the day the event was suppose to to start at 4pm sharp but as most like attendees myself included were Africans..we should have been told to arrive at 1pm to ensure a 4pm arrival (lol).

This really was a lovely event. The house was brightly decorated and buzzing with music. The dining table welcomed us all with delicious treats, the best of all being pink and blue cup cakes (as baby’s sex is a not known).

The mum looked ever so elegant with her one shoulder grecian style long black dress with golden laces/glitter at the front..yes maternity fashion is big business these days. Mum to be asked all of us to join her on the dance floor and she out danced all of us.

During the party the mum to be and another friend devised 2 groups, the pink group for those who suspect its going to be a girl and the blue group for a baby boy. The 2 groups had to go head to head in answering quizzes,crosswords and so on relating to the joys of motherhood.  As the party went on i almost drifted away in my thoughts and asked my self when did baby showers become a British thing or has it always been there but of course we are only discovering it now because we are now at the age where we are married and starting families. Is having a baby shower an American tradition or is it just something everybody does. The most famous baby shower i can think of is that from father of the bride…(i am not ashamed to admit its one of my faves). There is that beautiful scene in the garden with flowers, a huge pram and storks.

Unfortunately the storks did not turn up at my friend’s baby shower (and thank goodness for that) but the main thing is she had a wonderful time as did all of us and very soon we will join her to celebrate whenever her prince or princess decides to be born.

I jokingly mentioned to my friend how odd it was that in the past lets say 3 years i have been receiving more and more baby shower invitations and she remarked yes very soon we will be celebrating thanks giving. I think she might be on to something there as we only recently had black Friday. One way or another i think it is a good thing as births and motherhood should be celebrated so i do not mind those types of traditions becoming the norm.

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