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Kids say and do the funniest things…as usual


So i was laying on the sofa minding my own business while my  baby was crawling on the floor while my soon to be 4 year old daughter was sitting beside me. I noticed she was looking at my hair and really studying it..then she pulled my hair and shouted ‘he ha mummy’ to which i shouted, ‘ouch what are you doing’. She looked at me innocently and said, ‘i am riding on a horse mummy’. To be fair my weave is at least 6 weeks old and due to be taken off shortly and had not been brushed as i was just taking time out to chill but that’s not an excuse for her to mistake it for a horse. lol




The much awaited sonofgod the movie opens today in the US..UK next week 5th march

The much awaited movie sonofgod has officially opened in the US today. The movie is about the life of Jesus Christ the son of God and the whole project was birthed by Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett who are also behind the Bible mini series which did amazingly well on the history channel. Son of God the movie stars Diogo Morgado as Jesus. This week Roma Downey and her husband appeared on Joni Table talk on Daystar to discuss the movie. It was so lovely to hear them discuss how they relied on The Holy spirit to show them who was to play the role of Jesus and when Diogo walked in the audition room they knew without a doubt he should get the role. i am so looking forward to seeing this movie and it is definitely something the whole family can watch.