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Jennifer Aniston admits to drinking her bestie’s breastmilk….


Two days ago Jennifer Aniston admitted to drinking her best Molly’s breast milk on the Jimmy Kimmel live show. Jimmy Kimmel who also happens to be the best friend’s husband dug further and Jennifer opened up about being involved during many of her friend’s labour and births. Jennifer called childbirth a,’miracle’ and expressed how disappointed she was to not be present a month ago when her friend Molly gave birth to baby Jane.

Jimmy the show host did not seem grossed out at all as he asked her about the taste to which Jennifer replied “It’s sweet, it’s almost coconut-milky.” Jennifer also mentioned during the interview that it was indeed one of those milk that could be consumed without guilt and by the sound of things it seemed she enjoyed herself…well each to their own as they say.

Whilst some people might be slightly disgusted by this (including myself), There are many people out there…grown ups who enjoy having breast milk as part of their diet because of its many health benefits. In 2011 a restaurant based in London’s Covent Garden became the first ever restaurant in the UK to sell ice cream made from breast milk. This dessert was rightly named Baby Gaga (but i think the name may have changed due to being sued by lady Gaga?) Anyway the owner of the company started this idea as he thought it was good enough for babies then it would be good enough for everybody. According to the BBC report which you can find on the link below, the donor known as Mrs Hiley would express on the spot then the milk would be pasteurized and made into ice cream and then sold for per serving £14.

Mrs Hiley used to get paid £15 for every 10 ounces of milk she donated to the company and said it was a great “recession beater” as she was able to make extra cash suing her best ‘assets’ as she called it.

In 2010 a top restaurant owner and Chef Daniel Angerer revealed his recipe of cheese made from his wife’s breast milk and was happy to welcome those curious for taster sessions…okay i am lost for words here but you can read more and get the recipe on the link below from the Guardian.

Well what can i say here…live and let live as the saying goes but still i think drinking breast milk is a very odd thing to do mind you that may be due to what i have been brought up to deem as normal. I cannot even see anything in the Bible that talks about adults drinking breast milk however the closest thing i could find is in Proverbs 5:19 where it reads as follows:

A loving doe, a graceful deer—
    may her breasts satisfy you always,
    may you ever be intoxicated with her love.

I know the above applies explicitly to husbands and a wives so whilst husbands and wives keep each other busy doing whatever they do hint hint  i will stick to good quality cow’s milk thank you!

The saddest fish i have ever seen


On Saturday we had a family outing to Sealife. It was myself,hubby,babies,my mother in law,my sister in law and her her children. We had planned to go the whole summer holiday so it was a pleasure to finally get to visit. My husband had warned me about walking over glass flooring with sharks beneath it so i attended with much prayer and Psalm 91 was never far away from my lips especial when we had to walk underneath the glass with the sharks above us. I heard the Sealife guide through the speakers saying how 2 air-crafts could land on that glass roof and still it would not break but still some of us were rather nervous.

As we went upstairs i saw even more sharks and  i came across this fish. I was taken aback by how sad he looked. He swam back and forth and to and fro toward the glass as if trying to escape. The little mite was there with sharks and i suppose i would looking sad and trying to make a run for it if i was stuck with sharks wouldn’t you? I could not help but take a picture (no flash allowed inside) of it as it stood out with that mouth and those eyes. I have heard about some animals looking naturally sad such donkeys but i think the fish or this fish to be exact tops the list.

All in all it was a lovely family outing and i enjoyed looking at the sting rays who looked so smiley especially when looked at upside down but I shall never forget the sad little fish

Real housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi planning baby number 3


On her recent interview with in Touch magazine, Kandi spoke of her desires to become a mother again. Kandi who married Todd Tucker in April 2014 expressed her desires to pop baby number 3 by age 39 and is therefore planning to conceive this year (we love Kandi but that is far TMI)…

Kandi who is still known by her famous maiden name Baruss is already a mum of 2 girls her biological daughter Reily who is 12 years old and Todd’s daughter who is 18 years old. Wow those age gaps should be interesting and here i was worrying about my 3 year gaps but i suppose families just have to do whatever suits them.

Radar online reported that Kandi and Todd are so eager to add to their brood and will go as far as IVF because of her age (age? what age she is only 38 i think she stands a good chance). Radar online reports that IVF is very much welcomed by the couple who want to ensure they have a boy!

Well they are grown married folks so all the best to them but as for choosing the sex of the baby..i hope Mama Joyce will talk some sense into them!



Image owned by Intouch magazine

Another delish way to enjoy plantain


DSC_0558It has been raining cats and dogs lately forcing me to eat for comfort and my babies to find interesting activities to do indoors. We  attempted baking an Orange cake which my scotch bonnet loving sister inlaw kindly gave me the recipe. We played various games and thoroughly enjoyed imaginative play such as pretending to be farmers and taking care of our animals and so on. Nothing beats my fave of all that is the fried plantain served with very hot and spicy chilly con carne (only 45 min cooking time). I had no idea the combination would go together so well but was pleasantly surpriesd. It is a heart dish and i would recommend to anybody who is stuck indoors on a cold rainy winter day…mind you it is meant to be summer here but we all know that British summer would not be truly British without the odd rainy cold week. I watched the news today and heard the sun is back to stay….until the end of September Hurrah!

What is mamabbygrace listening to? Mainstream Mide

This song is really nice and the singer has a smooth voice. I had never heard of this artist until i saw a clip on OHmusic. I think i have played it too many times now even my little baby can now hum to it. The song is by  Midé who is a London based singer/songwriter.

Mide has performed in various venues across the UK including the 02. The video is not bad either and kind of reminds me of a slower version of Micheal Jackson’s black or white video.  Cool song cool video so enjoy…..!


A guilt free cuppa tea..:)

teasetAll my friends know one thing about me that is i love my hot drinks. My cupboard is filled with lots of different teas ranging from red bush,English breakfast tea,green tea,ginger,lemon and of course hot chocolate and coffee. Once in a while when i am filling adventurous i like to sprinkle cinnamon on my hot chocolate especially on a cold winters day. Of course one does not have to wait for a cold winters day to inject some delicious warm hmmmmm in my day and so i always have my teas ready to go. It all depends on my mood and the weather but my everyday tea is usually Roobois red bush tea which i love because of its health properties and and zero caffeine. I love my green tea which is full of antioxidants as well as the odd coffee but i try not to have coffee often because it turns into a cycle of headaches which only go away when i drink more coffee lol.

As much as i love my tea i always feel as if i never make enough time to enjoy my cuppa as my chores always get in the way. I am always doing something whether cooking,cleaning,changing nappies,going to nursery,returning from nursery,bathing baby,feeding baby and so on. This means i need to work better on my time management  to make some ‘me time’. I have heard people say that a women’s job is never done and so with that in mind i have decided that from now on i am going to make time for guilt free cups of tea. As a believer i know that the Bible is full of scriptures about rest…resting in God so i will do just that.

The fact remains that the dishes will always need cleaning,the house will always need cleaning,my children will always need my love and attention. Yes, as i am writing this i am just popping the kettle on and getting ready to put my feet up for a nice guilt free cuppa tea.

Matthew 11:28-29 “…Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” 




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A mother in Sweden left in agony after Epidural blunder :( ouch



A mother has been left in agony after she was injected with strong disinfectant directly into her nervous system. This happened in Sweden at Skåne University hospital in Sweden on the morning of 26th July. According to the Daily Mail, the epidural solution was swapped by mistake for chlorhexidine which is usually used for disinfecting medical instruments. The woman stayed in hospital nearly 2 weeks after giving birth and has only been discharged today. According to her husband, the new mum is in constant pain which she described as, ‘jolts of electricity.

According to DM, this is not the first time an Epidural has gone wrong. They report a woman in Australia was left paralysed from the waist down after suffering nerve damage in 2011.

This is scary stuff as Epidural is already a complex procedure but at the same time we live in society where there is always something offered (i have nothing against people’s choices of pain relief) but after reading this i shall be encouraging myself and other mums to always try the most natural and less invasive option. We do not now what this woman’s situation was so it is not for me to judge so i hope and pray she recovers with no lasting damage Amen! It is well and easy to say because each birth is different and different pain relief work for different woman. For example, someone once told me to opt for gas an air because it causes some to feel as if floating on air but for me it did not work and i certainly did not feel like i was floating on air.

Medical staff and doctors do have to take better care and i pray this does not happen again to someone else. Also if your a believer you have an advantage in the power of prayer that as you go through birth and delivery, Jesus will be with you and will make everything go well and in your favor.




A brand new app for clueless new dads

BurtonThese days it seems wherever you go there is no escaping apps. There are apps for cooking,exercising,betting,maps,traveling and so on. There is now a new app on the market aimed at helping new fathers find their feet when a new born arrives and beyond. The app called quick tips for dads was created by Dave Burton from the UK who felt like he had no idea how to be a father when his first child was born 2 years ago. Mr Burton who is married and has since had another child said: ‘If I’m honest, I was absolutely terrified.‘When your baby is born, you suddenly feel a huge weight of responsibility and quickly realize that this tiny bundle of life is completely dependent on you.

The app features simple practical tips such as how to change a nappy,give the baby a bath and also other tips on how to take care of new mums. Think of this app as a mumsnet for dad. It does exactly what it says on the box and like mumsnet, fathers can use it as a platform to swap ideas.

If this app was created by the local council i would have felt insulted as i may have perceived it as another attempt to dumb down father’s roles in society by telling fathers what to do and how to do it however seeing as it was created by an individual i reckon its a brilliant idea as its bound to come in handy for some people.

Quicktips for dads is only available on iphone and it costs £1.50 ( roughly $2.50)

Above picture taken from DM is Mr Burton with his new baby son William.

RIP Robin Williams (Mrs Doubtfire)


I have just heard the shocking news that the very talented Robin Williams from one of my favorite childhood film Mrs Doubtfire has passed away aged 63. Early reports suggest he committed suicide and was known for suffering from depression and substance abuse.

Robin Williams was incredibly talented and will be remembered for his catalog of work which span decades. From good morning Vietnam to good will hunting…the list goes on.

One of my other favorites which i loved was Mork and Mindy and my friends and i would always tease each other with the phrases ‘Mork calling Orson come in Orson’ by removing Orson and replacing each others names. Mrs Doubtfire another one of my favorites was watched over and over again in our house. In those days when the movie was released there was no DVDs or Blue rays just much loved videos. I remember watching that film one too many times until the video gave up. I knew all the lines and i thought it was so sweet the way he played that granny role and used the word ‘Poppet’ wow the joys of childhood.

Robin Williams was so versatile he could play serious roles,comedy,voice and more and I do not think they make actors like that anymore.


Fertility issues?….then be inspired by Forever Jones!


I often hear Christians saying,’God is good’ but sometimes i think we never take a moment to just ponder on that ‘goodness’. Sometimes when i do take a step back and just reflect on His goodness i am often filled with gratitude because i could never find the right word to describe just how good and wonderful the Living God truly is.

As you all know by know i love Gospel music and for the past few months my little princesses and i have been listing to and belting out Forever Jones Hallelujah song. The band forever Jones consists of mum and dad Dewitt and Kim Jones plus their 5 miracle children . Looking at this beautiful family you would not know of the trials their mother and father went though to have them.

Mr and Mrs Jones have been married for 34 years however the beginning of their marriage was marred with fertility issues. The couple were unable to conceive due to the effects of pelvic inflammatory disease which came about when Mrs Jones had toxic shock syndrome. Doctors told the couple they would never be able to have children but the couple decided to trust in God instead. The couple stood on the word of God and “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him” (Psalm 127:3) became their prescription. After years of having no baby they went on to have 5 babies plus 2 grand babies.

Their story gives me goose pimples and i hope whoever reads this would feel encouraged.