Jazz up your indomie hmmm


The other day my hubby came home and asked what i was making for dinner. When i told him i was making Indomie he jokingly said, ‘i cant believe it i have a wife at home only to come home and eat Indomie’. I told him not to panic as i was preparing a treat.

Indomie noodles are enjoyed worldwide especially Nigeria (although manufactured in Indonesia). In Nigeria most people enjoy it with sardines or sometimes without. My sister in law is a scotch bonnet fanatic and i have witnessed her put about 3 big scotch bonnet chilli in hers.

Anyway as you can see in the picture above, i made mine with green peppers,eggs,onions and frankfurters. My hubby ate his words lol and ate my delicious creation for dinner that evening and breakfast the following morning…..talk about results.

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