RIP Robin Williams (Mrs Doubtfire)


I have just heard the shocking news that the very talented Robin Williams from one of my favorite childhood film Mrs Doubtfire has passed away aged 63. Early reports suggest he committed suicide and was known for suffering from depression and substance abuse.

Robin Williams was incredibly talented and will be remembered for his catalog of work which span decades. From good morning Vietnam to good will hunting…the list goes on.

One of my other favorites which i loved was Mork and Mindy and my friends and i would always tease each other with the phrases ‘Mork calling Orson come in Orson’ by removing Orson and replacing each others names. Mrs Doubtfire another one of my favorites was watched over and over again in our house. In those days when the movie was released there was no DVDs or Blue rays just much loved videos. I remember watching that film one too many times until the video gave up. I knew all the lines and i thought it was so sweet the way he played that granny role and used the word ‘Poppet’ wow the joys of childhood.

Robin Williams was so versatile he could play serious roles,comedy,voice and more and I do not think they make actors like that anymore.


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