The saddest fish i have ever seen


On Saturday we had a family outing to Sealife. It was myself,hubby,babies,my mother in law,my sister in law and her her children. We had planned to go the whole summer holiday so it was a pleasure to finally get to visit. My husband had warned me about walking over glass flooring with sharks beneath it so i attended with much prayer and Psalm 91 was never far away from my lips especial when we had to walk underneath the glass with the sharks above us. I heard the Sealife guide through the speakers saying how 2 air-crafts could land on that glass roof and still it would not break but still some of us were rather nervous.

As we went upstairs i saw even more sharks and  i came across this fish. I was taken aback by how sad he looked. He swam back and forth and to and fro toward the glass as if trying to escape. The little mite was there with sharks and i suppose i would looking sad and trying to make a run for it if i was stuck with sharks wouldn’t you? I could not help but take a picture (no flash allowed inside) of it as it stood out with that mouth and those eyes. I have heard about some animals looking naturally sad such donkeys but i think the fish or this fish to be exact tops the list.

All in all it was a lovely family outing and i enjoyed looking at the sting rays who looked so smiley especially when looked at upside down but I shall never forget the sad little fish

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