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A brand new app for clueless new dads

BurtonThese days it seems wherever you go there is no escaping apps. There are apps for cooking,exercising,betting,maps,traveling and so on. There is now a new app on the market aimed at helping new fathers find their feet when a new born arrives and beyond. The app called quick tips for dads was created by Dave Burton from the UK who felt like he had no idea how to be a father when his first child was born 2 years ago. Mr Burton who is married and has since had another child said: ‘If I’m honest, I was absolutely terrified.‘When your baby is born, you suddenly feel a huge weight of responsibility and quickly realize that this tiny bundle of life is completely dependent on you.

The app features simple practical tips such as how to change a nappy,give the baby a bath and also other tips on how to take care of new mums. Think of this app as a mumsnet for dad. It does exactly what it says on the box and like mumsnet, fathers can use it as a platform to swap ideas.

If this app was created by the local council i would have felt insulted as i may have perceived it as another attempt to dumb down father’s roles in society by telling fathers what to do and how to do it however seeing as it was created by an individual i reckon its a brilliant idea as its bound to come in handy for some people.

Quicktips for dads is only available on iphone and it costs £1.50 ( roughly $2.50)

Above picture taken from DM is Mr Burton with his new baby son William.

RIP Robin Williams (Mrs Doubtfire)


I have just heard the shocking news that the very talented Robin Williams from one of my favorite childhood film Mrs Doubtfire has passed away aged 63. Early reports suggest he committed suicide and was known for suffering from depression and substance abuse.

Robin Williams was incredibly talented and will be remembered for his catalog of work which span decades. From good morning Vietnam to good will hunting…the list goes on.

One of my other favorites which i loved was Mork and Mindy and my friends and i would always tease each other with the phrases ‘Mork calling Orson come in Orson’ by removing Orson and replacing each others names. Mrs Doubtfire another one of my favorites was watched over and over again in our house. In those days when the movie was released there was no DVDs or Blue rays just much loved videos. I remember watching that film one too many times until the video gave up. I knew all the lines and i thought it was so sweet the way he played that granny role and used the word ‘Poppet’ wow the joys of childhood.

Robin Williams was so versatile he could play serious roles,comedy,voice and more and I do not think they make actors like that anymore.


Fertility issues?….then be inspired by Forever Jones!


I often hear Christians saying,’God is good’ but sometimes i think we never take a moment to just ponder on that ‘goodness’. Sometimes when i do take a step back and just reflect on His goodness i am often filled with gratitude because i could never find the right word to describe just how good and wonderful the Living God truly is.

As you all know by know i love Gospel music and for the past few months my little princesses and i have been listing to and belting out Forever Jones Hallelujah song. The band forever Jones consists of mum and dad Dewitt and Kim Jones plus their 5 miracle children . Looking at this beautiful family you would not know of the trials their mother and father went though to have them.

Mr and Mrs Jones have been married for 34 years however the beginning of their marriage was marred with fertility issues. The couple were unable to conceive due to the effects of pelvic inflammatory disease which came about when Mrs Jones had toxic shock syndrome. Doctors told the couple they would never be able to have children but the couple decided to trust in God instead. The couple stood on the word of God and “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him” (Psalm 127:3) became their prescription. After years of having no baby they went on to have 5 babies plus 2 grand babies.

Their story gives me goose pimples and i hope whoever reads this would feel encouraged.


Boredom busting events for girls age 10-16 RCCG summer youth camp


With weeks to go until school returns, interesting and Godly events may be hard to come by..but fear not as RCCG alter of praise bring you another boredom busting 1 day event. The Girls’ day event is a vision that was born from a desire to see young girls in the community grow up into women of influence whom are used mightily in the Kingdom of God to influence our society and their generation ultimately.

This free all day  event is not to be missed as it will be fun packed with various activities,great teaching,food and laughter! This year’s theme is “Chosen for His glory” which will cover teachings that will get these girls to see themselves how God sees them and encourage them not to be side tracked by the lies our society may tell them. Below are all the info for the big day so please do not miss out and make a date for your diaries and bring your daughters,nieces,sisters and their friends.

Date: Saturday 9th August

Time: 10:30-6:30pm

Venue: Stonebridge Evangelical Church, Hillside

Stonebridge Park, London NW10 8LB

Price? FREEEEEEEE including lunch and dinner 🙂

Register here:


Jazz up your indomie hmmm


The other day my hubby came home and asked what i was making for dinner. When i told him i was making Indomie he jokingly said, ‘i cant believe it i have a wife at home only to come home and eat Indomie’. I told him not to panic as i was preparing a treat.

Indomie noodles are enjoyed worldwide especially Nigeria (although manufactured in Indonesia). In Nigeria most people enjoy it with sardines or sometimes without. My sister in law is a scotch bonnet fanatic and i have witnessed her put about 3 big scotch bonnet chilli in hers.

Anyway as you can see in the picture above, i made mine with green peppers,eggs,onions and frankfurters. My hubby ate his words lol and ate my delicious creation for dinner that evening and breakfast the following morning… about results.

Morning sickness is good for you…yes…really!

christian-faith-pregnancy-joyAs a mother of two i have experienced two interesting pregnancies both of which i spat through it like an angry camel. I constantly felt bloated with my first princess and even went off most of my favorite food and fragrances however with my second i could not stand the smell of lasagna,jerk seasoning or peppers(most things i love). With my second baby i puked so much like an overfed dog until stayed away from most food just in case! I hardly put on any weight and even 2 weeks before giving birth i was asked if i am pregnant by somebody who saw me nearly every other day during the whole pregnancy. Anyway going back to the title, a research carried out at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto over a period of 20 years has concluded that women who experience morning sickness tend to give birth to healthier babies. They reported that woman who experienced morning sickness had healthier babies with lower rates of birth defects or developmental issues. The study also showed less cases of miscarriage or premature births in all 850,000 participants.

Wow this is very interesting and i think maybe morning sickness is God’s way of helping us stay away from certain foods that can cause issues in pregnancy and perhaps there maybe a hint of truth in there but with all studies i always tend to take it with a pinch of salt because other factors may have played a role for example class,genes,finances,environment,habits and so on or if the woman took anti-natal vitamins.

I for one have 2 beautiful and healthy daughters thanks to God….not morning sickness lol



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Happy world breastfeeding week to all mums and babies!!

BreastfeedingBreastfeeding is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world. Not only is it healthy for mums and babies but it is also better for communities. The world health organisation recommend that babies should be breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months of life. This can be tough in today’s society for many reasons including instances where mums have to go back to work soon after birth for financial reasons. I also find it rather strange that mothers are not given enough support to feed their babies judging by the amount of horror stories we hear on the news. Recently a mum was told off for breastfeeding at sports-direct (she soon had the last laugh by staging a mass breastfeeding protest lol). I also heard of how another mother was called a slut by a group of teenagers simply because she was feeding her baby. The thing is babies do not have the understanding to ‘wait’ until home. A good friend of mine always says if babies cannot be breastfed in public then perhaps nobody should be allowed to eat smelly fast food in public (that is another story).

The WHO also recommend that babies should be breastfed until the age of 2 because of its health benefits to mums and babies. Breastfeeding saves lives, especially in countries where poverty is rife and people do not have access to clean water. Breastfeeding is safe,clean and always on tap…..So happy breastfeeding week to all mums and babies and well done to companies and organisations out there who are doing all their can to support mothers who choose to breastfeed.