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Yesterday i met a miracle!


knit-me-2I am a stay at home mum, a homemaker if you please and i thoroughly enjoy my many roles. To some my role may be the most boring of roles yet God in His goodness manages to fill my days with His beauty. In my everyday activities i get to meet so many interesting people from all walks of life and at times it may seem as if the Lord is trying to tell me something through these experiences. Being a mother is not boring at all because it is one of the most important jobs in the world because one way or another we are helping shape and mold tomorrow’s people.

It does not matter where i go or what activities i engage in with my darlings because somehow the love of Christ and His Grace is all around. So yesterday i was at playgroup following my baby (well she walks now i guess that makes her a toddler…) as she played. I got talking to another mother who was there with her 2 year old daughter. We complimented each other’s little ones n and had a little natter about how quickly children grow. She then told me that her child should not be alive because she was born at 24 weeks. My face dropped and i asked her if she meant 34 weeks she repeated 24 weeks. She explained to me that they had only moved to the area when she fell pregnant unexpectedly. She went into labor at 24 weeks and the hospital nearby is the only hospital that ‘works’ to save babies born that early. She explained to me that the majority of hospitals at the time only worked to save babies born at 27 weeks (i do not know if this is still the practice). I looked at that beautiful little girl and i almost cried because to look at her walking,talking and enjoying her life you would not believe how she almost never made it because of policies and politics. Her mother told me outright that her daughter would have certainly died had it not been for this particular hospital and also it got me thinking about how precious life is. I thought about the abortion laws which state:

Under UK law, an abortion can usually only be carried out during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy as long as certain criteria are met (see below). The Abortion Act 1967 covers England, Scotland and Wales but not Northern Ireland, and states

I am not trying to make anybody feel guilty of any past abortions but i feel that the government should be doing more to reduce that limit because at 24 weeks the baby is well and truly developed and after that little miracle i met yesterday nobody can tell me that she is not real and did not exist or have feelings at 24 weeks. I have never really given much thought to the subject but now i know that the 24 weeks limit is not justified and there are now more and more cases of babies surviving even at 22 weeks thanks to medicine and technology.

My eyes are now open and i can safely say that i believe every baby should be given a chance to live and i am so grateful i met that beautiful miracle yesterday. Long may she continue to thrive as God continues to bless her with perfect health and a life filled with Grace.

There are various Christian organizations that provide post abortion counseling and can be found on the following:


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My daily Bible verse for the week

scriptureof the day

The world can be a stressful place and everywhere you look there is no end to the negativity (and don’t even put the news on lol) but it is also good to know that i can turn to God and take shelter in Him. Today’s verse is :

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. – Philippians 4:6

This scripture is exactly what it says it is! It is just so lovely to know that there is a heavenly father who cares for us and we can cast our issues unto Him.

Ja Rule shares his testimony on giving his life to Christ…

Wow it only seems like yesterday when Ja Rule released his first album Venni Vetti Vecci. Music is such a powerful tool in how it shapes our lives because every song brings back memories of friendship,relationships and even the weather…yes yes many moons ago before mamab got saved she occasionally went clubbing with friends and danced along to “holla holla”. As interesting as it all were, it is also nice to fast forward and see how God can change people’s lives into something more beautiful beautiful (like the song by Francesca Batistelli). I saw this clip the other day of Ja Rule talking about how he gave his life to Jesus during the promotional tour of the hit movie I’m in Love With a Church Girl where he plays the role of Miles Montego a high flying drug dealer who falls in love with a lovely church girl. The movie concludes with Miles becoming the pastor of a church almost like the opposite of life imitating art.

Ja Rule whose real name is Jeffery Atkins is has been married for over a decade and has 3 children with his wife Aisha Murray

Ja Rule is no stranger to getting in trouble with the law and some of his past legal issues include fire arm possession, assault and being caught with marrijuana. Despite his run in with the law it seems Ja Rule has surrendered all to the only one who matters…Jesus Christ.


Katie Price stands firm on her reasons for naming new baby bunny

BunnyKatie Price has come under fire for naming her new born baby bunny. The mother of 5 who had her latest addition 7 weeks ago defended her choice as she wrote in her column for Now magazine: ‘Bunny is an old-fashioned name and I love it. Some may ridicule our choice and some will love it – I really don’t care to be honest.’

It seems she gave much though in naming her child as she mentions in her collumn she was suffering from a mind block. She explains having difficulties coming up with a name as good as her first daughter’s name Princess Tiaamii. She also writes in her collumn as reported by DM that the name suits the tiny tot because she embodies all things a bunny rabbit represents – ‘soft, cute, cuddly, unique.. fun’.

People might laugh but at least she thought about the name and made her choice. The name is not my cup of tea personally because it may encourage teasing and bullying at school as the child grows up.  I notice there is a trend in the celeb world to give babies odd names but nothing tops Gwenneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s healthy vitamin C filled Apple. Apple is definitely strange compared to bunny and maybe she should have used O in the place of U to mean attractive or beautiful. The name Bonny is also used in the Scottish expression “a bonny lass”.

Dumb and dumber parents put baby on the cliff…….with 1,982ft drop

cliffA picture emerged on line this week from Norway showing the moment a couple put their tiny baby on the edge of a cliff and stepped back to take photos. The photo was taken by Mr Fred Sirevag a hiker who witnessed the shocking incidents. According to DM, he was hiking with his his 11 year old daughter when he saw a group of people by the cliff. Among the group was a lady who placed the baby right by the edge of a cliff which has been responsible for many deaths. The identity of the family is unknown but authorities should do what they can to check on the welfare of this child because i think what they did was damn right irresponsible. What is crazy about this picture is that their baby girl was dressed appropriate fro the weather. She even wore a hat yet she was placed on a spot where she could have have died in a split second. They should have swapped the sun hat for a safety harness i say or better next time find a baby friendly holiday spot.