Katie Price stands firm on her reasons for naming new baby bunny

BunnyKatie Price has come under fire for naming her new born baby bunny. The mother of 5 who had her latest addition 7 weeks ago defended her choice as she wrote in her column for Now magazine: ‘Bunny is an old-fashioned name and I love it. Some may ridicule our choice and some will love it – I really don’t care to be honest.’

It seems she gave much though in naming her child as she mentions in her collumn she was suffering from a mind block. She explains having difficulties coming up with a name as good as her first daughter’s name Princess Tiaamii. She also writes in her collumn as reported by DM that the name suits the tiny tot because she embodies all things a bunny rabbit represents – ‘soft, cute, cuddly, unique.. fun’.

People might laugh but at least she thought about the name and made her choice. The name is not my cup of tea personally because it may encourage teasing and bullying at school as the child grows up.  I notice there is a trend in the celeb world to give babies odd names but nothing tops Gwenneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s healthy vitamin C filled Apple. Apple is definitely strange compared to bunny and maybe she should have used O in the place of U to mean attractive or beautiful. The name Bonny is also used in the Scottish expression “a bonny lass”.

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