Wendy Alec tells her side of the story

WendyNearly a week after her husband stepped down from his role as one of the co-founders of GodTv, Wendy Alec has finally spoken out. According to an article published on the Plymouth Herald which was published 4 hours ago, Wendy has confirmed that her husband Rory Alec left her for another woman and no longer wants to stay married nor remain in ministry.

In a statement broadcasted on GodTv, Wendy spoke of how her marriage started to fall apart early 2014. She said sometime in March her husband started behaving in a strange manner and she felt in her heart something was up. She said by August 2014 Rory’s affair with a lady based in Austria had come to light. Unfortunately Rory and Wendy are no longer a couple as the statement read out suggests he refused counseling and has now moved out of his marital home.

According to Wendy, Rory is now living in a farm owned by his girlfriend’s father in South Africa (yes the Austrian lady with whom he cheated with). To make matters worse, this woman has been rather persistent and claims God told her that Rory is her husband…huh? come again, sorry lady but he cannot be your husband if he already has a wife as that would make it totally unbiblical. This is one thing that i would never understand, why some woman and some men target married people. Yes i understand nobody is perfect and we are still living on planet earth and hence prone to sin but for someone to target somebody who is already attached is bang out of order.

I feel sorry for this couple and their lovely children Samantha and Christian. I just pray God restores everybody concerned. Lets not forget, underneath it all, they are still people in need of the Grace and forgiveness of Yahweh.

4 thoughts on “Wendy Alec tells her side of the story

  1. I thought the same thing when I read what this mistress stated! Totally unbiblical, that ‘voice’ that told her Rory is her husband, was not God, they have both fallen into a deep deception and I pray that God opens Rory’s eyes sooner rather than later.

  2. Thanks for popping by ….Yes i agree with you 100% Priscilla and also lets not forget that even the enemy tried to tempt our Lord in the garden when he told him if your really the son of God you would jump because God will send his angels also when he said if you are really the son of God turn the stones into bread etc…so this lady may have heard a voice but for sure it was the voice of the enemy not the voice of God.

  3. definitely agree that the voice heard by the mistress was from a satanic deceiving spirit. the Bible says that the devil can appear as an angel of light. Thats why Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away but The word of God will never pass away. i am just surprised that rory alec could be carried away by this deception. definitely it is the lust of the flesh that has blinded his eyes. I feel so sorry for him. its going to be a terrible time for him once he realises what a trap he has fallen into. i pray that he gets out of this demonic web quickly and comes running back to where he belongs and to the truth and the light. even the devil was a musician , a worship leader in heaven . its interesting that this woman is also a musician. definitely music can be used by the devil to lure , seduce and blind peoples minds and work up ungodly emotions. one hundred percent, i can say this-Rory has fallen headlong into demonic deception .

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