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What is a Gynecologist? lol

A dear friend of mine mama Kai sent me this funny video yesterday and it made me giggle. According to Wikipedia and most of us, ‘Gynaecology or gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive systems..’

These lovely people from Ghana in this video give the term another meaning. I hope they are just playing because if it is real then oh well we need better education o .


What’s mamabbyg cooking? midweek sunday roast


Okay so i am going to have to keep mum about some of my recipes from now on as  i do not want wahala from my darling hubby. He feels my recipes are too amazing and hence should be well kept. From now i will just post pictures of my interesting creations with basic descriptions in order to stay out of the dog house…dog houses are not just for men you know 🙂

This is a picture of my midweek sunday roast which consists of chicken,potatoes with the skin on (that is the healthiest part) and Mediterranean style vegetables. This delicious dish was cooked within 45 minutes from scratch of course and was enjoyed  by all as it was much needed to compliment the cold rainy weather. When it it is cold i just find myself looking for hearty food and this was just the perfect meal hmmmmm.

RIP Dr Myles and Ruth Munroe

Dr MylesI was saddened this week to hear of the passing of a great man of God. Dr Myles Munroe, his wife Ruth,daughter and their senior ministers all perished when their private jet crashed in Bahamas. Dr Munroe and his team were heading to their 2014 leadership summit when this terrible incident took place.

I was touched by a wonderful video i watched of Dr Munroe on Revelation TV this Monday where he shared his testimony of how he came to now Jesus Christ. In this interview he credits his mother (and encourages all mothers to do the same) for giving him a Bible at the age of 13 and ordering him to read Ephesians chapter 3:20. He read that verse as a 13 year old boy and wept as he was moved by the Holy Spirit. At that tender age he gave his life to Jesus Christ.  In the video Dr Munroe also emphasizes on his purpose here on earth saying, ”I was born to transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change..i am very clear on what i am born to do …as a matter of fact my days are too short as i am too excited about my purpose”.

It is so amazing hearing those words and realizing that this was a man of God who knew his purpose, had clear objectives and utilized his gifts to strengthen the body of Christ. Empower leaders he sure did and as i trawl through the web i have come across messages upon messages of gratitude from people commenting on major news outlets. What a testimony of a great life lived seeing people touched worldwide in a positive way.

Now i must address the private jet issues as i have read various comments on private jets and preachers and so on. I hate to get into the whole politics of things as to whether or not preachers should have private jets and this is not really the moment to get into the whole debate. This is a moment to show respect and love so i pray that God comforts Myles Junior and their loved ones. This grief is too much to bear and only the love and care of God can get them all through it.


Image taken from  Christianpost