Happy and blessed father’s day to all


Happy and blessed happy father’s day to all. Being  a father is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world and some would argue that the role does not come with manuals. I beg to differ on that one because as i ponder on the word of God and all the beautiful scriptures i know that parenting does not have to be a lonesome tough road. We have Christ therefore we can do it all through Him who gives us strength…after all the Lord has entrusted us with His most precious gifts (Psalm 127:3 ).

The word ‘father’ is a deep word and as one Christian author once pointed out ‘invokes all types of emotions’ because Some people do have issues with accepting that there is a heavenly loving Father (our Father which art in heaven). For those having issues in that area i pray that God will heal your relationships and family ties.

For many years i had issues with self esteem but as i discovered my father and saw how special i was to him somehow those issues melted away and now as a woman i still hold dear everything he taught me because it has helped me be the confident person i am today so i thank you so much dad.

Again happy father’s day and Yahweh’s blessings keep you and equip you to continue being the best father’s you can be. And also a big happy father Father’s day to our heavenly father who art in heaven because He is the Alpha and Omega.

Blessings x:)))


Image is property of the spirit radio ( www.spiritradio.ie )

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