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Pick your battles? i beg your pardon !



battlenotmine - CopyOnce in a while a new fad diet comes out and you see people jumping on board to try it out and perhaps lose a pound or two. I think the same can be said for various inspirational thoughts. It is a hurting world and people are always looking for solutions to make their lives better so the one that is going round the moment is ,’pick your battles’. I have heard many Christians encouraging each-other with the ‘pick your battles’ mantra with good intentions.

I was in my kitchen yesterday cooking lunch for my princess. My thoughts drifted away to my childhood and my upbringing. I thought of things which i can only describe as beyond my control. I thought of many things that i have seen and then said to myself out loud, ‘perhaps i should start picking my battles’. I immediately remembered the following scripture:  ..Thus saith the Lord unto you, ‘Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s’ (2 Chronicles:2015). I suddenly felt encouraged knowing that picking my battles is not a choice because all of it belongs to God and in time He will make everything beautiful. There are other scriptures which echo the same sentiments like :‘for the battle is the Lord‘s, and he will give you into our hands ‘(1 Samuel17:14). Now i do not intend to sit down like a potato waiting for change etc hence my faith and trust in Yahweh and His word. I read a wonderful quote the other day by Charles Spurgeon, ‘It is a good fall when a man falls on his knees’. Such a beautiful reminder in regards to the topic of battles because the best position is really on our knees in praise and worship unto the Lord……So no more panic because The Battle is Lords





Rhoa Kandi Barruss anounces pregnancy

burruss - Copy

My fave real housewives of Atlanta who got married last year just announced she is pregnant…(awwww!!). According to Kandionline( via E news), the couple are naturally thrilled to be expecting their first child together and that they have been, ‘waiting for this moment for a long time’.

The mum to be seems to be doing well and according to she only feels slightly tired but no strange cravings..(not yet anyway).

In the midst of all this happy news, there is one special person whose opinion matters the most…yes Mama Joyce! USAtoday reportedly asked Todd how his mother in law is taking the news and he replied, “She was very supportive, She was good.”

Kandi is due to give birth in January and judging  by tht picture…they are delighted. May she have a happy an healthy pregnancy:))


Image above belongs to EnewsJuly2015

Hey that was quick….congratulations to sister sister star

tamara-mowry-1-600x800 - Copy

Its kind of tricky keeping up to dates with these interesting happenings. Yes yes i should follow on twitter (which i do) but my number one ministry means i am often busy..So i was catching up on real talk today on BET and i saw a very pregnant yet  immaculate looking Tamera Mowry-Housley so i thought i would go online to check. I was surprised to see a congratulations note on Real talk’s website. It seems the sister sister star already gave birth to a bouncing baby girl almost 3 weeks ago. The new baby girl has been named Ariah Talea and it is nice to see a celebrity choose a sensible names for once (please don’t get me started on Apples et al). Tamera explains the meanings behind her new baby’s name in her July 6th blog entry. She writes, ‘Both Hebrew names, Ariah means Lion of God and Talea means one who resembles the morning dew of Heaven. We couldn’t have found names with a better meaning if we had tried’.

Congratulations to the happy couple who already has a 2 year old son called Aden. I am sure their new addition will bring them great joy.


*Tamera pictured above looking amazing  at her princess style baby shower which took place in April. Image belongs to

Victory for Revelation TV…yipeeeee

Winston - CopyI am just catching up on my reading as i have been rather busy with the school holiday and i have just read Revelation TV’s good news on their July issue of Rtimes. They report that the charity commission has concluded their findings in the so called ‘mismanagement’ of funds case against Revelation TV. According to their findings there has been ,no loss or misappropriation of charitable funds by the trustees’. The magazine also reports their programming contents where found to be satisfactory. This is great news for the Christian channel which provides interactive and informative family friendly shows which i for one greatly enjoy.

I have been watching this channel right from my early walk with the Lord. I was attracted to the style of music they use to air and coming from a music obsessed background i was instantly hooked on the channel. I used to watch Rmusic..(whatever happened to Rmusic anyway??). I would tune in and listen to beautiful, soulful and rock modern Gospel music.

In those days i used to watch watchmen,Eleanor and Obed as well as Yemi and Sylvia Balogun. The majority of those presenters worked as volunteers which really reflects the heart of that ministry. It is such an amazing place that some would work unpaid.

In those early baby Christian days i would also tune in to their interactive shows such as Rmornings and 5alive. I was still single then and had less responsibilities so now as a busy mum i appreciate this channel even more because even to sit down with a cup of tea is a rare treat as there is always something to do.

Such great news for this lovely no gimmicks Christian channel. They do such a great job in engaging with the audience and providing a platform where even non Christians can tune in and be blessed. Long may they continue and yes….Victory Amen.

Shameless planned parenthood in aborted baby body parts sales


I cannot believe what i have just watched on the news. This is absolutely disturbing and beyond sick. A video released this week by CMP shows Planned parenthood’s senior doctor Deborah Nucatola discuss how she ensures aborted babies are removed intact in order to preserve their organs. She casually discusses selling lungs and liver and goes through the ordering process of body parts whilst eating her salad. At some point i had to ask myself if she was actually talking about babies…(people) or perhaps lab mice. Saying that even mice are treated better than these aborted babies because some people known to keep mice as pets.

The irony in all of this is that planned parenthood are the same organisation that would argue that babies can be aborted because they are only a bunch of ‘cells’. If these babies are not babies and just cells then surely they should only be able to extract cells. How is it possible that these non living things posses these useful organs? Well, it just goes to show that it is big business for making money from innocent babies. I do not understand the reasons why some babies are aborted and i respect everybody’s so called ‘choice’ but still these babies deserve dignity.

Also there are plenty ethical issues surrounding this case including consent which was not clearly given by parents. The reason why no consent would have been given is that the sale of aborted body parts is illegal in America….even as i write this i am thinking okay so the law says it is okay to kill babies in the womb however once they are out their body parts should not be sold off. Surely the law should be protecting them and keeping them alive.I have attached the video but of course if you are anything like me you might need a bucket and some kleenex whilst watchicg.

First things first…..some real soul food

Colossians - Copy

It can be a bit tricky as a busy mama to get into the word because there is always something to do. My mother is right when she says, ‘a mother’s job is never done’. Sometimes you think great i have gotten the children dressed and ready, house cleaned,dinner cooked and play group done but yet as soon as you sit down to read something else comes up.

It is no excuse for neglecting the word but sometimes its a real battle so i have devised a new strategy. As the summer hols is here i shall be waking up extra early whilst my lot are still snoozing. Today is the first day of my new strategy and i woke up about 7:30am to see my darling hubby off to work. As soon as he left i put the kettle on and made me a strong cuppa…you know the strong one where the tea bag stays in lol. I almost got distracted by the shopping channel ads trying to sell something that banishes ‘mummy aprons’. Anyhow i kept my focus and soon found myself lost in Colossians chapter 4 and 1Kings chapter 17. It was  not randomly selected, its just that i am following my churches reading and prayer diary so that is a great help. I am grateful i got some proper soul food in this morning and long may it continue…long after the hols!

What’s mamabbg listening to?…Name above all names by KT worship

I am currently enjoying this song by KT worship from their 2013 album titled ‘forever’. This is such an uplifting song which makes my toddler dance whenever she hears it.

There is so much talent in the UK gospel scene yet sometimes we get the impression that one must look across the pond for great music….well this album here settles that argument then so enjoy :))

Forget the tooth fairy, the tooth Angel is on his way :))

For a few months now my big girl has been obsessing about her friends having wobbly teeth. For months she has a seen  her friends become bunny rabbits whilst patiently waiting for her turn. She would come home after school and say, ‘mummy, that’s not fair so and so her tooth fell out. when is mine falling out’…

3 weeks ago she was playing and swinging her head on the side of the sofa (as you do) and something bumped her causing her tooth to loosen. The moment had arrived and my princess was over the moon. I got her to rinse her mouth with warm water and salt and then i took a look. I had never seen anything like that before because underneath the wobbly tooth was already her ‘grown up’ tooth coming through which i am sure pushed out the baby tooth (as confirmed by her dentist).

As the week went by, princess took care of that wobbly tooth like a precious egg. On father’s day day the tooth decided to fall out much to her relief. I had been agonising about the whole tooth fairy process because this is my first time and i am still learning about training up our children. Princess asked about the tooth fairy and i just blurted, ‘erm well, the tooth fairy wont be coming but the tooth Angel will be coming instead’. I explained to her again why we do not watch programmes with witches and fairies. I then told her that the tooth Angel will be coming to bless her. When she slept that night, i made a little card and wrote a verse (The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it John1:5) and kept under her pillow. This verse was appropriate plus i still left some money in her room which i told her she can save in her piggy. We congratulated her for her new grown up tooth and as it was father’s day we also went for a day out.

I know we are in the the world but not of this world yet sometimes i find it difficult but i know that we have to draw a line and not partake in certain things. My princess already knows that her friends received money from the fairy so explaining to her was weird but at the same time i am glad the topic came up.

The journey continues to be beautiful; and sometimes difficult questions and topic pops up but as Author Mary Beth Hick would say, ‘it is all teachable moments’.