First things first…..some real soul food

Colossians - Copy

It can be a bit tricky as a busy mama to get into the word because there is always something to do. My mother is right when she says, ‘a mother’s job is never done’. Sometimes you think great i have gotten the children dressed and ready, house cleaned,dinner cooked and play group done but yet as soon as you sit down to read something else comes up.

It is no excuse for neglecting the word but sometimes its a real battle so i have devised a new strategy. As the summer hols is here i shall be waking up extra early whilst my lot are still snoozing. Today is the first day of my new strategy and i woke up about 7:30am to see my darling hubby off to work. As soon as he left i put the kettle on and made me a strong cuppa…you know the strong one where the tea bag stays in lol. I almost got distracted by the shopping channel ads trying to sell something that banishes ‘mummy aprons’. Anyhow i kept my focus and soon found myself lost in Colossians chapter 4 and 1Kings chapter 17. It was  not randomly selected, its just that i am following my churches reading and prayer diary so that is a great help. I am grateful i got some proper soul food in this morning and long may it continue…long after the hols!

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