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Eh eh lol @ African humour…..

photo 1.bls

My friend sent me this picture a few days ago and i thought i would share. judging by their smiles, i don’t think there’s any problems in this marriage but the picture still made me chuckle..good one !

Forget the tooth fairy, the tooth Angel is on his way :))

For a few months now my big girl has been obsessing about her friends having wobbly teeth. For months she has a seen  her friends become bunny rabbits whilst patiently waiting for her turn. She would come home after school and say, ‘mummy, that’s not fair so and so her tooth fell out. when is mine falling out’…

3 weeks ago she was playing and swinging her head on the side of the sofa (as you do) and something bumped her causing her tooth to loosen. The moment had arrived and my princess was over the moon. I got her to rinse her mouth with warm water and salt and then i took a look. I had never seen anything like that before because underneath the wobbly tooth was already her ‘grown up’ tooth coming through which i am sure pushed out the baby tooth (as confirmed by her dentist).

As the week went by, princess took care of that wobbly tooth like a precious egg. On father’s day day the tooth decided to fall out much to her relief. I had been agonising about the whole tooth fairy process because this is my first time and i am still learning about training up our children. Princess asked about the tooth fairy and i just blurted, ‘erm well, the tooth fairy wont be coming but the tooth Angel will be coming instead’. I explained to her again why we do not watch programmes with witches and fairies. I then told her that the tooth Angel will be coming to bless her. When she slept that night, i made a little card and wrote a verse (The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it John1:5) and kept under her pillow. This verse was appropriate plus i still left some money in her room which i told her she can save in her piggy. We congratulated her for her new grown up tooth and as it was father’s day we also went for a day out.

I know we are in the the world but not of this world yet sometimes i find it difficult but i know that we have to draw a line and not partake in certain things. My princess already knows that her friends received money from the fairy so explaining to her was weird but at the same time i am glad the topic came up.

The journey continues to be beautiful; and sometimes difficult questions and topic pops up but as Author Mary Beth Hick would say, ‘it is all teachable moments’.