Happy world book day 2016

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling and greatest job on earth. Being a mother you get to enjoy the beauty of life and seeing children blossom and grow into amazing people. I particularly enjoy reading with my children especially as i get to enjoy old childhood stories again.

Today is world book day and for the past few weeks we have been discussing books and characters. My little princess already decided she would like to go to school dressed as little red riding hood. Some schools set themes such as Dickens,Shakespeare or maybe fairy tales. We did not have a theme and were told to go to school dressed as a favourite character from a favourite book. This year after much thoughts she decided she wanted to go as goldilocks. I think the golden wig with the big ringlets were a winning factor and i must say she really really enjoyed herself.

We have been taking part for the past 3 years and for her very first world book day she dressed as ginger bread girl. .Last year she was Repunzel and i even had to add extension to her pony tail for an authentic look.

For this year, Grace chose Goldilocks and so we checked various stores for the correct costume. Some stores were selling sexy goldilocks outfits which i did not think would be suitable for my little princess. I searched and searched and found the perfect dress from Sainsburys. This dress was perfect and came with a bowl of porridge and a spoon plus a goldy blonde wig with plenty of ringlets. Grace enjoyed wearing this costume and received lots of compliments. As the weather was cold i layered the outfit with a nice warm polo tshirt and tights. She found the hoop on the dress slightly annoying because she was unable to sit properly in class without the dress going up….very panto! Still no complaints and for only £15 i would say it was a proper bargain. I had to buy a size 7 to 8 because the dress comes quite small and plus we want to get more uses out of it.

Truly it has been a wonderful day and it was nice to see storm trooper,many Elsas,piderman and many more. I think it is wonderful to see children interpret books in their own way and even better to see these amazing characters come to life.

Image is owned by Sainsbuys Tu clothing 2016

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