Happy Christmas Eve✝️⛪🎁

Today has been a beautiful day filled excitement. From the time we woke up there’s been one thing after another. Every year I tell myself I will not do last-minute.com with my shopping and yet again I found myself rushing to buy last minute staff. The first stop was at a Christian bookstore to buy a few gifts. I am one of those people that have to have a good look before buying and my husband bis the opposite as he just goes in,buys and exits 😀. Today it was handy having hubby do all the shopping with me as he ensured everything was done by 3pm.

My house is one where even the spider on the wall knows that Jesus is the reason for the season. With all that in mind I still like to make Christmas an exciting and beautiful time for the children. They enjoy the build up as much as the day itself. Children are only little for such a short period of time and it’s just nice to see their eyes and smiles full of joy. It’s a very meaningful day for all of us as we await Jesus birthday 🎂

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