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Shameless planned parenthood in aborted baby body parts sales


I cannot believe what i have just watched on the news. This is absolutely disturbing and beyond sick. A video released this week by CMP shows Planned parenthood’s senior doctor Deborah Nucatola discuss how she ensures aborted babies are removed intact in order to preserve their organs. She casually discusses selling lungs and liver and goes through the ordering process of body parts whilst eating her salad. At some point i had to ask myself if she was actually talking about babies…(people) or perhaps lab mice. Saying that even mice are treated better than these aborted babies because some people known to keep mice as pets.

The irony in all of this is that planned parenthood are the same organisation that would argue that babies can be aborted because they are only a bunch of ‘cells’. If these babies are not babies and just cells then surely they should only be able to extract cells. How is it possible that these non living things posses these useful organs? Well, it just goes to show that it is big business for making money from innocent babies. I do not understand the reasons why some babies are aborted and i respect everybody’s so called ‘choice’ but still these babies deserve dignity.

Also there are plenty ethical issues surrounding this case including consent which was not clearly given by parents. The reason why no consent would have been given is that the sale of aborted body parts is illegal in America….even as i write this i am thinking okay so the law says it is okay to kill babies in the womb however once they are out their body parts should not be sold off. Surely the law should be protecting them and keeping them alive.I have attached the video but of course if you are anything like me you might need a bucket and some kleenex whilst watchicg.