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No longer afraid of the percentiles :)


redbookI have expressed many times already on this blog how frustrating it was for me to get my baby Shalom to take formula milk or cow milk. She was born at 3.40 kilos which is quite low if i am to go by my first baby Grace who was a whoppig nearly 4 kilos. At first i felt obliged to give her some formula milk whilst waiting for the milk to come. Of course having learn’t more about breastfeeding exclusively with baby no 2  i can testify that it is not necessary to give formula milk whilst waiting for breast milk to fully kick in. The colostrum that is produced in the very beginning is full of goodness and it is pretty much all newborn babies need to feed on and then the more you feed the more you produce…(yep it has taken me having a formula and cow hating baby to realize that). My case was a little different because my baby had jaundice and the nurse recommended to just keep her well fed in order to flush it out of her system.

After miss princess was given the okay to go home at 4 days old, she decided bottle feeding habits would be best left at the maternity unit and never took another bottle again and when i insisted, it just turned into one big crying match and eventually i had to accept it. When she turned 1 i tried her on organic cow milk but she refused.Whether given in a bottle or a cup or a spoon miss princess stood her ground so decided to just let her decide.

Even though i admitted defeat in that area, i secretly longed for her to have big chubby cheeks and michelin man arms and legs but it never happened. When she was 13 months i went for her 1 year review and the health visitor was pleased with her language development, her fine motor skills and her ability to maintain a serious eye contact when being spoken too. After getting miss princess weighed the health visitor then said,’ oh she is just outside the 25th percentile and rather too slim for her weight’. This made me feel terrible and i decided to give baby clinic a miss…a long miss (6 months to be exact). In that time space of time i followed her lead and jut gave her what she loves. She enjoyed her chicken,kale,cabbage,pumpkin seeds soup,okra and any other savory or cheesy food we could think of.

I stopped worrying about her milk intake and persevered with breastfeeding and yoghurts which she loves especially organic yoghurt. Because i was worried about lack of formula leading to vitamin deficiency i started giving her multivitamins.She loves vitamin drops and well baby seems to be her fave, she even reminds me these days by bringing me her spoon and saying, ‘itamean want some yum’.

After avoiding going to the health visitor for 6 months i found the courage to return. That was 3 weeks ago when princess was 19 months old. We got to the baby clinic and surprisingly everything went well. She did not break the scales but i am happy that she is now just on the 75th percentile. I explained my absence to the health visitor and mentioned my concerns and she encouraged me to understand that children are all so different and grow differently. She said to forget about the formula or cow milk but instead continue doing well with her solids, cheeses and yoghurts plus not forgetting vitamin D supplement to help her absorb all the calcium.

I am so happy i am no longer afraid of the scales and the percentiles but most of all i have realized that baby led weaning is not a myth.

Happy world breastfeeding week to all mums and babies!!

BreastfeedingBreastfeeding is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world. Not only is it healthy for mums and babies but it is also better for communities. The world health organisation recommend that babies should be breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months of life. This can be tough in today’s society for many reasons including instances where mums have to go back to work soon after birth for financial reasons. I also find it rather strange that mothers are not given enough support to feed their babies judging by the amount of horror stories we hear on the news. Recently a mum was told off for breastfeeding at sports-direct (she soon had the last laugh by staging a mass breastfeeding protest lol). I also heard of how another mother was called a slut by a group of teenagers simply because she was feeding her baby. The thing is babies do not have the understanding to ‘wait’ until home. A good friend of mine always says if babies cannot be breastfed in public then perhaps nobody should be allowed to eat smelly fast food in public (that is another story).

The WHO also recommend that babies should be breastfed until the age of 2 because of its health benefits to mums and babies. Breastfeeding saves lives, especially in countries where poverty is rife and people do not have access to clean water. Breastfeeding is safe,clean and always on tap…..So happy breastfeeding week to all mums and babies and well done to companies and organisations out there who are doing all their can to support mothers who choose to breastfeed.