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Check out this mother in Trinidad-Tobago beating her 12yrd old daughter. Oh my goodness

Spare the rod spoil the child so Proverbs13.24 says but to what extent? Check out this mum in Tobago-Trinidad beating her 12 years old daughter because she found nude pictures of her on Facebook plus text messages from a boy asking her for sex. I found this video too painful to watch as it was rather excessive even though i have experienced worse. Still i am not here to judge her because i am not in her home so each to their own. Do you discipline your children mothers? if yes how? We are still at the naughty corner stage and i send my daughter to the corner for 4 minutes as she has just turned 4. So far it works for us and it gives her time to think about what ever it is she has done wrong and apologise…But God forbid i ever find naughty pictures of her on-line i will probably find the biggest pounded yam stick and and chase after her lol

Kids say and do the funniest things…as usual


So i was laying on the sofa minding my own business while my  baby was crawling on the floor while my soon to be 4 year old daughter was sitting beside me. I noticed she was looking at my hair and really studying it..then she pulled my hair and shouted ‘he ha mummy’ to which i shouted, ‘ouch what are you doing’. She looked at me innocently and said, ‘i am riding on a horse mummy’. To be fair my weave is at least 6 weeks old and due to be taken off shortly and had not been brushed as i was just taking time out to chill but that’s not an excuse for her to mistake it for a horse. lol




Brit Nicole dedicates her gorgeous baby :)


Train up a child the way he should go says the book of Proverbs and award winning gospel singer Brit Nicole started that important step by dedicating her 4 months old baby girl Ella. Cutie Ella wore a soft pink vintage styled dress with flower studded hair band…(Funnily enough it looks just like the hair band my princess wore for her dedication on the 3rd November this year..i got it from H&M)

Anyway not deviate from the story, it is so wonderful to see parents dedicating their babies unto the Lord so congratulations Miss Ella God bless you !!

Recently a friend of mine who is a ‘baby’ Christian asked me if she could still dedicate her 3 yr old son as i recently dedicated my princess at 7 months. My friend feels she may have left it too late but i tried to encourage her by letting her know its never too soon Nor too late to dedicate your child to God. Its amazing how the enemy can try  to fill our minds with doubt so i would encourage any mum out there wanting to dedicate their child to go ahead regardless of their age as its the most beautiful thing one can do for their child and yes one day they will thank you for it.

Strange news: dandelion removed from a toddler’s ears


a story from daily mail today mentions doctors in China have removed 2cm long dandelion from a 16 months little girl. The child had been complaining for a while about an earache for a while and a few days a go her mother had a look in and felt something was not quite right. She took the little girl to the doctor where the shocking discovery was made. It is not known how the flower got there but it is thought the ear canal provided the best environment for it to thrive ouch ouch.
Doctors explained the dandelion was so big that it filled her entire ear canal and it could have caused severe damage to the child if it had stayed longer so thank God it was discovered…praying that the little girl recovers fully very soon.