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It’s been a minute..

My title says it’s been a minute but actually i haven’t been on here for about 7 months. Last time i was here i shared my excitement about the royal wedding and i have been meaning to pick up where i left. The thing with blogging is pace, its a fast moving world and the longer you leave it the harder it gets. Well here i am just popping by to say a great big hello.

The Royal wedding was magnificent and of course many congratulations To Prince Harry and Meghan who are now both Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Oh, and another big congratulations on their baby news too.  My girls and i enjoyed watching the royal wedding on TV along with the rest of the world. We celebrated with cakes,tea and a summer picnic. The children were excited as we got to do some arts and crafts and of course i picked up these cute mugs with dogs to go with our celebrations.

How long does it take to name a baby?

royalbaby2 - Copy

A few weeks ago on St Georges day we all shared in the wonderful news of a new royal baby. The news that usually comes after the birth is the baby’s name but sometimes it is not as simple as that. Sometimes it takes a while to find a befitting name and i am sure the pressure is even more so when it is a royal baby. I was glad a few days later when it was announced on the news that the royal baby is to be called Louis Arthur Charles. It is wonderful that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose such meaningful names.

Before the royal baby was named, my colleague asked me why it was taking long to give the baby a name. I told her that naming a child is a special thing because a name is for life.  My colleague gave me a strange look and said , ‘wow but they had 9 months to do that’. I told my colleague my own story about how i named my children. The first one i researched the name for 3 months before giving birth and even after birth we had a naming ceremony with our wonderful pastor. Nobody except myself and my hubby knew the name of the baby until the naming ceremony when baby was about 1 week old. With the second one again we had a naming ceremony when she was 1 week old. Both names were roughly researched and most importantly we prayed over their names. I hope i do not come come across as snobby but naming a child ridiculous names is rather selfish and disrespectful to the child. Parents need to think of their children’s future and see their names as prophecies.

A couple of years back i saw on the news that some countries around the world actually have a banned list of names. In France it is illegal to name your child nutella,strawbery,deamon and mini cooper. According to the law in France, such names can lead to bullying hence not in the best interest of the child. I know there is a huge banned list with some hilarious names but the above is just an example.

Back to my question again, and the answer would be as long as it takes to find great name.

Always make time for tea and cake

cacao - CopyI am known as the mama of the family because i just love to have people over. Sometimes friends,family,neighbours and of course fellow mums. Friends on a diet often avoid popping round for fear of adding on calories because they know that visiting me equals lots of yummy home cooked food and i never take no for an answer. The other day whilst returning from the school run, i bumped into my dear friend Julia Gulia. As usual we agreed on date for tea and cake. Me being me i offered to host but my dear friend would have none of it. She promised me some yummy home baked chocolate cake and well….i just could not refuse.

When i arrived for our tea and cake a few days later, i could not believe all the trouble she had gone. She had baked he most amazing chocolate cake which was just waiting for me to dive into. My friend knows how much i love herbal tea and well any type of tea really and she made a huge effort. I had so many to choose from i was like a spoilt gummy granny.

It was such a blessing and as i left that afternoon i thought, sometimes all we need is a love,tea,cake and great chit chats. I also realised that it is perfectly OK to be loved on and spoilt because kindness can experienced both ways.

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A star is grown…yum


I am always sharing wonderful stories of my childhood to my children. The biggest reward is seeing their sheer delight written across their faces so i was so amazed when i came across these gorgeous star fruits. When i was child growing up in Africa, i used to eat so much start fruit. I would eat and eat until i get a sore mouth…(yep miss piggy right here).

Anyway when i took these beauties home my little ones enjoyed it so much and both said, ‘oh wow mummy its like twinkle twinkle’. It’s these little ‘awww’ moments that make me appreciate the beauty of God and as that beautiful hymn goes, ‘all things bright and beautiful the Lord hath made them all’.



Pick your battles? i beg your pardon !



battlenotmine - CopyOnce in a while a new fad diet comes out and you see people jumping on board to try it out and perhaps lose a pound or two. I think the same can be said for various inspirational thoughts. It is a hurting world and people are always looking for solutions to make their lives better so the one that is going round the moment is ,’pick your battles’. I have heard many Christians encouraging each-other with the ‘pick your battles’ mantra with good intentions.

I was in my kitchen yesterday cooking lunch for my princess. My thoughts drifted away to my childhood and my upbringing. I thought of things which i can only describe as beyond my control. I thought of many things that i have seen and then said to myself out loud, ‘perhaps i should start picking my battles’. I immediately remembered the following scripture:  ..Thus saith the Lord unto you, ‘Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s’ (2 Chronicles:2015). I suddenly felt encouraged knowing that picking my battles is not a choice because all of it belongs to God and in time He will make everything beautiful. There are other scriptures which echo the same sentiments like :‘for the battle is the Lord‘s, and he will give you into our hands ‘(1 Samuel17:14). Now i do not intend to sit down like a potato waiting for change etc hence my faith and trust in Yahweh and His word. I read a wonderful quote the other day by Charles Spurgeon, ‘It is a good fall when a man falls on his knees’. Such a beautiful reminder in regards to the topic of battles because the best position is really on our knees in praise and worship unto the Lord……So no more panic because The Battle is Lords





New year resolutions….i am a believer :)




It is that time of the year again, the beginning of the year where everything is brand new. New year brings with it new hopes and dreams. At times, new year also brings with it reminders of buried dreams and failures.

Now that January is here, we will no doubt be hearing of the latest fad diets and must have books. Now i know we are supposed to be in the world but not of the world (John 17:14-15), but i cannot help but want to jump on this band wagon. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having faith and hope and having hopes for the new year.

Habakkuk 2:2 says , ‘And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, so he may run that reads it.’ I love this verse because it encourages us as believers to write our visions down and it ties nicely with Hebrews 11:1 which says, ‘Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see’. These verses are amazing because they show the starting ground of any dream or any hope and that is the planning stage where you write it all down and as time progresses you see yourself stepping out in faith and acting out what you have written. I believe writing down our visions is a bit like having a drawing board so that we can keep going back to it for pointers should we get stuck.

The Bible also tells us that we must act out because faith without works is dead so i encourage you and myself to write those resolutions down and act it out throughout the year. You will be amazed by what you will accomplish (With God’s help of course)


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Yesterday i met a miracle!


knit-me-2I am a stay at home mum, a homemaker if you please and i thoroughly enjoy my many roles. To some my role may be the most boring of roles yet God in His goodness manages to fill my days with His beauty. In my everyday activities i get to meet so many interesting people from all walks of life and at times it may seem as if the Lord is trying to tell me something through these experiences. Being a mother is not boring at all because it is one of the most important jobs in the world because one way or another we are helping shape and mold tomorrow’s people.

It does not matter where i go or what activities i engage in with my darlings because somehow the love of Christ and His Grace is all around. So yesterday i was at playgroup following my baby (well she walks now i guess that makes her a toddler…) as she played. I got talking to another mother who was there with her 2 year old daughter. We complimented each other’s little ones n and had a little natter about how quickly children grow. She then told me that her child should not be alive because she was born at 24 weeks. My face dropped and i asked her if she meant 34 weeks she repeated 24 weeks. She explained to me that they had only moved to the area when she fell pregnant unexpectedly. She went into labor at 24 weeks and the hospital nearby is the only hospital that ‘works’ to save babies born that early. She explained to me that the majority of hospitals at the time only worked to save babies born at 27 weeks (i do not know if this is still the practice). I looked at that beautiful little girl and i almost cried because to look at her walking,talking and enjoying her life you would not believe how she almost never made it because of policies and politics. Her mother told me outright that her daughter would have certainly died had it not been for this particular hospital and also it got me thinking about how precious life is. I thought about the abortion laws which state:

Under UK law, an abortion can usually only be carried out during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy as long as certain criteria are met (see below). The Abortion Act 1967 covers England, Scotland and Wales but not Northern Ireland, and states

I am not trying to make anybody feel guilty of any past abortions but i feel that the government should be doing more to reduce that limit because at 24 weeks the baby is well and truly developed and after that little miracle i met yesterday nobody can tell me that she is not real and did not exist or have feelings at 24 weeks. I have never really given much thought to the subject but now i know that the 24 weeks limit is not justified and there are now more and more cases of babies surviving even at 22 weeks thanks to medicine and technology.

My eyes are now open and i can safely say that i believe every baby should be given a chance to live and i am so grateful i met that beautiful miracle yesterday. Long may she continue to thrive as God continues to bless her with perfect health and a life filled with Grace.

There are various Christian organizations that provide post abortion counseling and can be found on the following:




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101 things to do in the last days of pregnancy: feed on the Word of God!!


It is never too late to get stuck in and feed on the word of The Living God regardless of the stage of your pregnancy. Firstly there is no substitute for the Bible and of course its good to get in there and communicate with papa God, to meditate on His word and to just be surrounded by His word.

The Bible offered me (and still does) a secret place of rest where i could lay it all down at the feet of The Lord during both my pregnancies. I can testify that God directed me to various scriptures which i used to confess it out loud over myself and both babies. The Lord also directed me in other areas such as choosing the right names etc.. God is amazing the way He cared and cares for me and the little things. 

There are many devotionals available these days are specifically catered for pregnant ladies (really we are too spoilt these days). I did not use a devotional but had a fantastic book recommended to me by a sister from church. She recommended a supernatural childbirth by Ms Jackie Mize which I found both enjoyable and practical so i would happily recommend it and the rest of their pregnancy books to any mum to be.