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Another delish way to enjoy plantain


DSC_0558It has been raining cats and dogs lately forcing me to eat for comfort and my babies to find interesting activities to do indoors. We  attempted baking an Orange cake which my scotch bonnet loving sister inlaw kindly gave me the recipe. We played various games and thoroughly enjoyed imaginative play such as pretending to be farmers and taking care of our animals and so on. Nothing beats my fave of all that is the fried plantain served with very hot and spicy chilly con carne (only 45 min cooking time). I had no idea the combination would go together so well but was pleasantly surpriesd. It is a heart dish and i would recommend to anybody who is stuck indoors on a cold rainy winter day…mind you it is meant to be summer here but we all know that British summer would not be truly British without the odd rainy cold week. I watched the news today and heard the sun is back to stay….until the end of September Hurrah!