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Happy 72nd to Pastor Joyce Meyer

Image result for Joyce Meyer showHappy and blessed birthday to Pastor Joyce Meyer who is 72 today. If you have never heard of Joyce Meyer and her story then my friend we need to have words…i had no clue about her teachings until i came to Christ in 2006. I remember those early days i would just switch GodTV and she would be there blessing everybody with her testimony. Most of the time i would just have the TV in the background whilst doing my chores and just let the messages sink in.

Her story is one of great strength and beauty which illustrates the beauty of God. She unfortunately suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her father and this opened doors to other issues. Recently whilst watching enjoying everyday life i heard her say she went through breast cancer and had to have one breast removed.

Now is not the time to focus on the past issues but i just wanted to paint a little picture just to illustrate where she was and who she is now and has been for decades. Look at that picture above with her wearing a blue top, does she look 72? no i think she looks more like she is in her 40s. She looks blessed and she is a blessing and i am reminded of that scripture (Isaiah 43:2), ‘when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned; neither shall the flame scorch you’. So happy birthday Pastor Joyce Meyer, God bless you with long life and perfect health in Jesus name…

Image above of Joyce Meyer belongs to Joyce Meyer Ministries June 2015

A short video of Wendy Alec describing her painful seperation :(

This is a short video of the beautiful Wendy Alec released only a few hours ago.  In this video she talks of her pain wow the whole situation is so sad i pray God restores her family,her marriage and all that concerns them Amen.

Video shared form header channel on youtube