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Happy new year 2019 🎉

happy-new-year-greetings-christian-2019-8 - CopyIt’s a blessing and slightly shocking that we are already in the new year. When i younger i thought time seem to drag on . I would wait and wait just to turn a year older:). Since hitting over 21 it seems time doesn’t drag on anymore but rather it speeds on lol. This brings me to my very awesome new years eve. We had planned as we do every year to go to the watch night at church. I just love going to the new years service as i am always eager to hear and maybe get a confirmation about the coming time. Last night we just could not go as my youngest girl is recovering from a cold plus i worked early in the morning so i was exhausted. To some people modern technology is a distraction but for me i believe its a blessing  (if used in moderation)as we still managed to watch the watchnight ( ha thats funny). Yes it was as simple as browsing and casting straight to the TV. My family and i absolutely enjoyed the service. The music was amazing and most surprisingly a lady by the name of  Rozalla who sang the famous 90s dance anthem, ‘everybody’s freeeeeeeee to feel good’ performed. It was huge surprise for me but fantastic all the same. Muyiwa&Riversongz was one of my highlights for the evening. Their music touches the soul and from the moment they stepped on that stage they ushered in a beautiful atmosphere and i just wanted to keep worshipping with them but like Mr Muyiwa jokingly sad, ‘if you don’t overstay your welcome on the stage, you will definitely be invited back’.

Pastor Colin’s message was much needed for this season. I was hungry and thirsty for a word. Sometimes all we need to hear is that one word and it was a beautiful and touching message and i shall carry it with me in 2019 and beyond. Pastor Colin preached about God’s timing and everything how it is all in the Lord’s hands. He encouraged us now more than ever to go up higher and higher in our walk with God starting back to the basics of the secret place (our private devotions ). He said, ‘as you come up higher, your going to see me and hear me’. He also elaborated further by saying that when we worship God we carry the presence of God with us……..Praise God🙌🏾.  It was a brief but powerful message and before we knew it was the countdown as everybody cheered and it was already 2019.

Children make me laugh eh , so after all this blessed moments we caught a glimpse of the news and what do the girls tell me? They say we should have gone to the London eye instead to see the fireworks. I am not sure i am ready to brave the cold,the dark and a huge crowd plus kids in tow on a busy new years eve lol.


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Michelle Williams engaged

MichelleWilliams - CopyCongratulations to Destiny child’s Michelle Williams who recently got engaged to Pastor Chad Johnson. According to the lovely bride to be, they met last year at a christian retreat and stayed in touch. The groom to be was encouraged by his friends to pursue Michelle and here they are today happily engaged. The happy couple are set to tie the knot this summer 2018.

It is so wonderful to see a Godly relationship especially in this day and age. According to their People’s magazine interview, they did everything the christian way. They were both done with dating and wanted to pursue a relationship that will lead to marriage. The groom to be reportedly told his bride to be that he was done searching upon meeting her. When Pastor Chad was ready to propose he sought the blessings and permission from those nearest and dearest to Michelle. What is also wonderful to see is that they are not having a 10 year engagement. I just do not understand long engagements. Traditionally engagements are supposed to be maximum 12 months. I understand that of course sometimes money can be an issue in regards to actually getting married but in the end it is not how much a wedding cost that matters. I have heard many elders saying, ‘marriage begins after the wedding’. It is so true and personally i think couples should work with what they have and let God bless it. It does not make sense to be engaged for 10 years while saving for a ‘Instagram’ style wedding.

I just love their testimony and i pray that it will encourage those that are still waiting and searching. What i have certainly learned from this is when they both gave up on relationships and doing things their own way, God showed up (not that He ever left lol) and did only what Yahweh can do. May they have a beautiful and blessed marriage 🙂

Jamie Grace is engaged :)

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Congratulations to Jamie Grace who recently got engaged to Aaron Collins. I am just so happy for them especially as my princesses and i are huge fans of hers. This is such a beautiful testimony right here as Jamie has dealt with many issues in her life most notably her struggle with tourette syndrome. I had no idea about her disability until i saw her sister’s storyteller video.There is also a mention of this on Jamie’s show Jesus video where she jokingly says, ‘i need a friend’. We have always enjoyed her beautiful music which doesn’t reveal  any of the above. It is fair to say that God has put the pieces together and made her a storyteller (as her big sis would sing ) so here’s to a long, happy and blessed marriage to the lovely couple.

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My new fave song

I just love love this new song by pastor Donnie Mcclurkin. I have been playing , ‘i need You’ non stop and it is just such a moreish song. Everything about this song captures my heart. I love the slow drumming at  start of the song as it sounds like an army marching. The instrumental is not fussy at all, it is so simple and beautiful it allows me to focus on the amazing vocals both lead and backing. The words to this song for me is a cry of the heart. It acknowledges that yes we are are human, we make mistakes but God is so perfect and we need Him everyday . I don’t know about you but i definitely need Him amen.


Where will I go without, Your hand holding me
How would I live without You I could not see
what will I do in Life where will I go
How would I handle things All that I know

I Fail, Again
I Fall, I Fall so short
You Know, You know my End
From the start, You know my heart
I Need You

Extract of the above Lyric by Donnie McClurkin






Kari Jobe& husband welcome baby boy

karijobebabyCongratulations and blessings to  Kari Jobe and her husband Cody Carnes on the birth of their baby boy. Kari Jobe who is known for her sweet voice and beautiful gospel music gave birth last week to a beautiful baby boy who weighed a whopping 9 pounds and 13 ounces. The sweet little man has been named Canyon Morrison Cain Carnes.

The happy couple who tied the knot in 2014 shared a a sweet picture of their bundle of joy on social media. Baby Canyon looks adorable in his noughts and crosses blanket and and a little black hat….wow so sweet :))))

Israel Houghton sadly announces divorce

I was so shocked today to learn that one of our fave Christian musician has divorced from his wife of 20 years. Israel wrote a frank and open message detailing the collapse of his marriage and he also apologised for his failings. I feel sad for this family because they must be going through a tough time. Its amazing that we see men and woman of God going about their business and using their gifts for the glory of God and to share Christ with others yet its often so easy to forget that they too also go though issues of life. I hope and pray that God will restore this family….below is the note in full which was posted today on newbreedmusic.com :

A special message from Israel-

It is with a collective heavy heart that we announce that after over 20 years of marriage and a long separation, Meleasa and I are officially divorced.

Several years ago I failed and sinned in my marriage. Though this is new to many, it is not new to us as we have been working through this for over 5 years. Although we tried, the challenges in our relationship have proven too much to overcome. We have always handled our family and ministry with grace and generosity toward others, discretion, and privacy. So, for the sake of our amazing kids, we are also handling this privately with pastoral oversight and assistance.

We choose to remain friendly and kind to each other going forward. I am in the process of restoration and I have repented for my actions. Although I am sincerely sorry, and forgiven, I soberly realize that I will live with the consequences of my failings for the rest of my life. As this has become a public matter I want to apologize to the many who have supported my ministry through the years.

I’m sorry for the many who will be hurt to learn of my personal failure. I regret any pain or disappointment that this news may cause you. We thank you for your prayers and for allowing us to handle this privately with those who are set over us in this process.

Israel Houghton

Victory for Revelation TV…yipeeeee

Winston - CopyI am just catching up on my reading as i have been rather busy with the school holiday and i have just read Revelation TV’s good news on their July issue of Rtimes. They report that the charity commission has concluded their findings in the so called ‘mismanagement’ of funds case against Revelation TV. According to their findings there has been ,no loss or misappropriation of charitable funds by the trustees’. The magazine also reports their programming contents where found to be satisfactory. This is great news for the Christian channel which provides interactive and informative family friendly shows which i for one greatly enjoy.

I have been watching this channel right from my early walk with the Lord. I was attracted to the style of music they use to air and coming from a music obsessed background i was instantly hooked on the channel. I used to watch Rmusic..(whatever happened to Rmusic anyway??). I would tune in and listen to beautiful, soulful and rock modern Gospel music.

In those days i used to watch watchmen,Eleanor and Obed as well as Yemi and Sylvia Balogun. The majority of those presenters worked as volunteers which really reflects the heart of that ministry. It is such an amazing place that some would work unpaid.

In those early baby Christian days i would also tune in to their interactive shows such as Rmornings and 5alive. I was still single then and had less responsibilities so now as a busy mum i appreciate this channel even more because even to sit down with a cup of tea is a rare treat as there is always something to do.

Such great news for this lovely no gimmicks Christian channel. They do such a great job in engaging with the audience and providing a platform where even non Christians can tune in and be blessed. Long may they continue and yes….Victory Amen.

What’s mamabbg listening to?…Name above all names by KT worship

I am currently enjoying this song by KT worship from their 2013 album titled ‘forever’. This is such an uplifting song which makes my toddler dance whenever she hears it.

There is so much talent in the UK gospel scene yet sometimes we get the impression that one must look across the pond for great music….well this album here settles that argument then so enjoy :))

What’s mamabbg listening to? Speak life by TobyMac

I absolutely love this song titled, ‘speak life’ by TobyMac. The song is based on Proverbs 18:21 where it says, ‘The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit’.

It is a really powerful song reminding me of the weight my words carry and it just reinforces my everyday outlook as an individual who seeks to build people rather than destroy them. Now i am a mum, I’m even more careful because children have a way of hanging on to words…especially ones uttered by their moms and dads.

Happy 57th birthday to Michael W Smith

SmithHappy 57th birthday to our modern day Psalmist Micheal W Smith who turned 57 years old yesterday 7th October. Looking at his most recent picture one would not believe he is beyond his forties…more like he is just entering his forties. Michael is well known for his beautiful worship music which is a staple for many churches worldwide. I can testify that his music ushered me into the kingdom of God and helped me work out a lot of issues when i was a brand new believer way way back in 2006.

It is good to see somebody growing older gracefully (with the Grace of God of course). It is even better to see somebody ploughing away with the work of God and that is exactly what Michael is doing. Michael recently released his brand new album called Sovereign. This album is full of beautiful songs which i cannot imagine anybody listening to without lifting their hands up in praise and worship unto the Lord.

As well as being a full time musician Michael W smith is also married and has been married for 31 years (take note Hollywood celebs). Michael is also a father of 5 who lends his time to good causes. Wow how does he find the time….must be the Grace of God so here here to many many more happy birthdays Amen.