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Rhoa Kandi Barruss anounces pregnancy

burruss - Copy

My fave real housewives of Atlanta who got married last year just announced she is pregnant…(awwww!!). According to Kandionline( via E news), the couple are naturally thrilled to be expecting their first child together and that they have been, ‘waiting for this moment for a long time’.

The mum to be seems to be doing well and according to people.com she only feels slightly tired but no strange cravings..(not yet anyway).

In the midst of all this happy news, there is one special person whose opinion matters the most…yes Mama Joyce! USAtoday reportedly asked Todd how his mother in law is taking the news and he replied, “She was very supportive, She was good.”

Kandi is due to give birth in January and judging  by tht picture…they are delighted. May she have a happy an healthy pregnancy:))


Image above belongs to EnewsJuly2015

Real housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi planning baby number 3


On her recent interview with in Touch magazine, Kandi spoke of her desires to become a mother again. Kandi who married Todd Tucker in April 2014 expressed her desires to pop baby number 3 by age 39 and is therefore planning to conceive this year (we love Kandi but that is far TMI)…

Kandi who is still known by her famous maiden name Baruss is already a mum of 2 girls her biological daughter Reily who is 12 years old and Todd’s daughter who is 18 years old. Wow those age gaps should be interesting and here i was worrying about my 3 year gaps but i suppose families just have to do whatever suits them.

Radar online reported that Kandi and Todd are so eager to add to their brood and will go as far as IVF because of her age (age? what age she is only 38 i think she stands a good chance). Radar online reports that IVF is very much welcomed by the couple who want to ensure they have a boy!

Well they are grown married folks so all the best to them but as for choosing the sex of the baby..i hope Mama Joyce will talk some sense into them!



Image owned by Intouch magazine