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Rory Alec quits GodTV

rory-and-wendy-alecRory Alec who co-founded GodTV 20 years ago with his wife has just stepped down from his role as the chief executive. Reports from Christian today say Rory released a statement last Thursday saying he has had a moral failure in relations to his marriage and as a result has stepped down and his wife Wendy will continue with the leadership role. Rory did not give further details but simply said in his statement as follows, “After 20 years of service, I have had a moral failure this year,”. Rory continues by adding,”For this reason, I am stepping down. Please forgive me for the disappointment I’ve caused, but I know your eyes are on Jesus who is the author and finisher of your faith and not on me, an imperfect man..t is with a heavy heart that I confirm my season with GOD TV is over for now.”

This is very sad and i hope and pray that God helps Rory and Wendy Alec through their issues. Asides from the television  ministry, they are still human. They are also parents to two beautiful children so i pray that God restores them all. I personally will still continue to watch GodTv because we have all fallen short of the Glory of God and i have watched so many wonderful programs on Godtv which has strengthen my faith over the years. Like Rory said we should keeps our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

Faith school or non faith school?

schoolsThe past 1 year or so i have had to make a very important decision regarding my daughter’s education. My darling just turned 4 and in September she will be starting reception so i have had the task of visiting various schools and researching on the Ofsted website. I have always had my heart set on 1 particular faith school. It is a church of England school as that is the closest to our pentecostal denomination. This school is so lovely their website even states, ‘we learn together,we pray together’. I was fully armed with 6 choices to make because it is so difficult for school places to come by and every all parents are required to choose 6 school and also highlight their first and second choice.

I prayed about all my choices as well as talking to other mums and dads about our local schools.  I prayed that God will give my daughter the best school for her, a school which will cater to her Christian faith.  When my daughter was 6 months old we dedicated her onto the Lord and our pastors emphasised the importance of training up a child (Proverbs 22.6) and so i am keen to uphold what we have been taught. I am not here to knock non faith schools because there are some brilliant no faith schools out there but i believe so it is important to choose what is good for your child and your family.

All the faith schools required a statement from our church which our kid’s pastor was happy to provide. We then had to indicate which church we go to and how often we attend. I suppose that is a good way for the schools check out the facts. Anyway to cut the long story short we received the results today and my princess was given her second choice…we were not given our first choice because that school is oversubscribed and also siblings get priority regardless of their faith (which kind of defeats the whole faith school objective). I hear overall many children did not get their first choice and hundreds of children were not even offered a place so we are grateful to God! I was a tad bit disappointed at first but then i remembered i did not make my decision on a whim and i actually prayed for God’s best and this is what He has done so glory be to Jesus!! So that is my experience for primary school application and here are a few tips for you to consider when your time comes:

*Visit the school for open days, do not just rely on the website because when you visit a place you often get a feeling..a knowing .

*Speak to other parents who may have children in that particular school

*Check out ofsted report (http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/schools/for-parents-and-carers/find-school-inspection-report )

*Pray pray pray because when you pray you hand over the whole process to God. God cares about all aspects of our lives including school applications for our children

*Ask your child what he/she thinks and what they want and do also take them with you to open days to see how they react to that environment.

Strange news: dandelion removed from a toddler’s ears


a story from daily mail today mentions doctors in China have removed 2cm long dandelion from a 16 months little girl. The child had been complaining for a while about an earache for a while and a few days a go her mother had a look in and felt something was not quite right. She took the little girl to the doctor where the shocking discovery was made. It is not known how the flower got there but it is thought the ear canal provided the best environment for it to thrive ouch ouch.
Doctors explained the dandelion was so big that it filled her entire ear canal and it could have caused severe damage to the child if it had stayed longer so thank God it was discovered…praying that the little girl recovers fully very soon.