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Children do say the cutest things:)


My 8 month old baby girl enjoys playing with her daddy and her daddy likes a bit of rough play so he would put his head near her face allowing her to pull his hair and slap him. The hair pulling part I think its clearly a learned thing no thanks to daddy whereas the slapping thing is more of a reflex thing. Anyway to cut the long story short, I was holding baby princess yesterday when she gave me a surprise slap on my nose. Her big sister who is 3 years old told her off. She said,’no smacking, that’s not nice you have to go to the corner now for 8 months’…It was so cute i had to share it with her grandmama over the phone straightaway. Grandmama was so amused she wondered how long she would get sent to the corner for (she is in her late 60s).I love these little priceless moments

I remember a few weeks ago we attended her friend Racheal’s 4th birthday party minus daddy. There was a  big match on that day and i do not even remember who was playing but my husband could not and would not miss it so he decided to stay home and we went without him. When we arrived at the party and greeted everybody i was asked where hubby was and i told them he was at home at working on the computer (he really was ). Later the birthday girl’s dad asked my daughter  where daddy was and she replied ,’his at home watching Chelsea’. This was so embarrassing and so funny at the same time but i am so glad we all laughed off the situation. 🙂