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What’s mamabbyg cooking? midweek sunday roast


Okay so i am going to have to keep mum about some of my recipes from now on as  i do not want wahala from my darling hubby. He feels my recipes are too amazing and hence should be well kept. From now i will just post pictures of my interesting creations with basic descriptions in order to stay out of the dog house…dog houses are not just for men you know 🙂

This is a picture of my midweek sunday roast which consists of chicken,potatoes with the skin on (that is the healthiest part) and Mediterranean style vegetables. This delicious dish was cooked within 45 minutes from scratch of course and was enjoyed  by all as it was much needed to compliment the cold rainy weather. When it it is cold i just find myself looking for hearty food and this was just the perfect meal hmmmmm.