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What’s mamabbg cooking? Spinach and beef African style :) yum


Wow it has been ages since i posted any yummy dishes up here. I just been so busy i hardly get ‘me time’ these days so i need to improve on my time management. The other day i had this sudden urge to eat spinach( no no i am not preggers). I do get these odd cravings now and then and as any normal foodie would do i always oblige.I usually buy fresh spinach as well as frozen spinach (for busy days) and i trust they are all just as healthy…Anyway i decided to cook spinach but i wanted it to be as green as possible so not over cooked. Here are the steps i took to achieve this lovely dish for anybody who dares to try…buon appetito :))

What you will need :1kg spinach fresh (frozen will do)

Beef cut in little cubes

4 maggi cubes

3 medium onions

2 tbs pure unrefined palm oil

1 whole super hot scotch bonnet

1 tsp freshly grated ginger

2 tsp freshly grated garlic

A pinch of all purpose seasoning

How to:

To start off, wash your meat and put in the pot. Add the palm oil and start gently frying the meet on low heat. Chop all the onions and add to the meat. Add the ginger, all purpose, garlic and maggi to the meat and stir occasionally whilst cooking on medium heat. Cover the pot and let it simmer on medium heat for 20 minutes.

After about 20 minutes there should be a build up of sauce from all the ingredients in so far. At this stage you can add your ready washed and chopped spinach to the meat. Ideally you don’t want to over cook the spinach so that the end result will be a nice green hearty dish. You can add half a cup of water if need be but i would recommend none as the spinach will yeald its own water.  Add the whole scotch bonnet at the same time as the spinach, cover and let it simmer for 10 minutes. If cooking for the whole family, I usually cook the meal, remove some for my babies before adding the chilli so that way everybody’s happy.

Before turning off the cooker, do squeeze the scotch bonnet whilst in the pot with a spoon to achieve the maximum super hot flavour.Once it’s cooked you can serve with pounded yam, boiled yam or boiled green plantain. Remember it’s a quick convenient meal so do use tender meat or lamb…the softer the better because the cooking time is just 30 minutes long hooooray enjoy 😄👏🍴🍲