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A dog renamed Lazarus…..:)

doggggA Dog in Alabama who was left with horrific injuries after a car crash and had to be put down has miraculously survived. The little cutie’s owner was moving to another state and could no longer keep him so with all the odds against him including the accident he was left at the dog shelter. The workers at the shelter struggled to find a new home for him after various adverts on social networking sites hence decided to put him down.

The dog was given a lethal injection to put him to down but the next day workers at the shelter came in to find himn walking around looking as right as rein. According to Sky news, Ozark police Captain Bobby Blankenship, who supervises the city shelter, said: “He was injected with the right amount of medication that should have had him go to sleep.”Unfortunately, or actually fortunately for everybody else, here he was.”

He has since been renamed Lazarus after the Biblical character who Jesus brought to life and he has been re housed. Hey who says only cats have 9 lives…lol

Picture belongs to sky news