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Victory for Revelation TV…yipeeeee

Winston - CopyI am just catching up on my reading as i have been rather busy with the school holiday and i have just read Revelation TV’s good news on their July issue of Rtimes. They report that the charity commission has concluded their findings in the so called ‘mismanagement’ of funds case against Revelation TV. According to their findings there has been ,no loss or misappropriation of charitable funds by the trustees’. The magazine also reports their programming contents where found to be satisfactory. This is great news for the Christian channel which provides interactive and informative family friendly shows which i for one greatly enjoy.

I have been watching this channel right from my early walk with the Lord. I was attracted to the style of music they use to air and coming from a music obsessed background i was instantly hooked on the channel. I used to watch Rmusic..(whatever happened to Rmusic anyway??). I would tune in and listen to beautiful, soulful and rock modern Gospel music.

In those days i used to watch watchmen,Eleanor and Obed as well as Yemi and Sylvia Balogun. The majority of those presenters worked as volunteers which really reflects the heart of that ministry. It is such an amazing place that some would work unpaid.

In those early baby Christian days i would also tune in to their interactive shows such as Rmornings and 5alive. I was still single then and had less responsibilities so now as a busy mum i appreciate this channel even more because even to sit down with a cup of tea is a rare treat as there is always something to do.

Such great news for this lovely no gimmicks Christian channel. They do such a great job in engaging with the audience and providing a platform where even non Christians can tune in and be blessed. Long may they continue and yes….Victory Amen.