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Dumb and dumber parents put baby on the cliff…….with 1,982ft drop

cliffA picture emerged on line this week from Norway showing the moment a couple put their tiny baby on the edge of a cliff and stepped back to take photos. The photo was taken by Mr Fred Sirevag a hiker who witnessed the shocking incidents. According to DM, he was hiking with his his 11 year old daughter when he saw a group of people by the cliff. Among the group was a lady who placed the baby right by the edge of a cliff which has been responsible for many deaths. The identity of the family is unknown but authorities should do what they can to check on the welfare of this child because i think what they did was damn right irresponsible. What is crazy about this picture is that their baby girl was dressed appropriate fro the weather. She even wore a hat yet she was placed on a spot where she could have have died in a split second. They should have swapped the sun hat for a safety harness i say or better next time find a baby friendly holiday spot.