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Maya Angelou my best poet and author has passed away aged 86

ImageI am saddened to hear of the passing of Maya Angelou. Dr Angelou was an author,actress and a voice to the voiceless. I can look back and say without a doubt that i discovered my love for reading as a result of reading her books in my early teens. I remember reading my old copy of i know why the caged bird sings and never wanting the book to end. Maya Angelou to me is a great example of how you can still remain human regardless of what life throws your way. Here is a woman who was brutally raped by her mother’s boyfriend at a very young age. As a result of the her mother’s boyfriend’s murder  a few days after Maya Angelou became a mute. She did not speak a word for 5 years and spend much time reading and indirectly developed a love for literature. Here is a woman who at the age of 17 became a teenage single mother. Maya went through it all. She went through it all…segregation,poverty,racism etc.

Despite all that Maya Angelou went through, she went on to win various awards for her books as well as for her humanitarian work. Maya Angelou was also active in the civil rights movement and according to dailymailuk,  She was the poet chosen to read at President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration in 1993. She wrote and read an original composition, ‘On the Pulse of Morning,” which became a million-seller.

Maya Angelou will be greatly missed and her books will forever hold pieces of history. Her many books such as the heart of a woman, which offers an insight in the life of Billy Holiday the legendary blues singer is one of my favourite. Just give me a drink of water fore i diiie is another wonderful collection of my favourite Maya Angelou poems and i shall treasure it all. Rest in peace phenomenal woman.

Multi talented Gospel singer Byron Cage celebrates 51st birthday


Byron Cage celebrated his 51St birthday last weekend with much prayer and thanksgiving unto God according to his tweets over the weekend.  Mr Cage who only recently returned from an emotional yet humbling trip to South Africa which coincided with the passing of Nelson Mandela seemed to be enjoying his day as he later tweeted thank you messages to us his fans and also to his peers.

I still cant believe he is 51 and not 35 well praise God for the grace too look young and i hope when i reach the 50s club i will look that good!! Congratulations to him !!