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Little girl speakings (my take on this Dr Maya Angelou poem)

Ain’t nobody better’s my Daddy,

you keep yo’ quauter

I ain’t yo’ daughter,

Ain’t nobody better’s my Daddy.

Ain’t nothing prettier’n my dollie

heard what I said,

don’t pat her head,

Ain’t nothing prettier’n my dollie.

No lady cookinger than my Mommy

smell that pie,

see I don’t lie

No lady cookinger than my Mommy.  

Dr Maya Angelou

This is another one of my favourite poem. What i love about it is the deliberate the deliberate mistake in grammar and also the way it captures the innocence of the way children communicate. Children are usually to the point and never mince their words. Another great thing about this poem is to the wider society it may seem as if the level of English used is quite poor but in reality it is not. The type of English used reflects the culture of the time it was written and the subculture of black English. Black people were segregated and experienced a lot of hardship so i believe their twist on the language was a way of uniting them….that is my take on it.