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Jennifer Aniston admits to drinking her bestie’s breastmilk….


Two days ago Jennifer Aniston admitted to drinking her best Molly’s breast milk on the Jimmy Kimmel live show. Jimmy Kimmel who also happens to be the best friend’s husband dug further and Jennifer opened up about being involved during many of her friend’s labour and births. Jennifer called childbirth a,’miracle’ and expressed how disappointed she was to not be present a month ago when her friend Molly gave birth to baby Jane.

Jimmy the show host did not seem grossed out at all as he asked her about the taste to which Jennifer replied “It’s sweet, it’s almost coconut-milky.” Jennifer also mentioned during the interview that it was indeed one of those milk that could be consumed without guilt and by the sound of things it seemed she enjoyed herself…well each to their own as they say.

Whilst some people might be slightly disgusted by this (including myself), There are many people out there…grown ups who enjoy having breast milk as part of their diet because of its many health benefits. In 2011 a restaurant based in London’s Covent Garden became the first ever restaurant in the UK to sell ice cream made from breast milk. This dessert was rightly named Baby Gaga (but i think the name may have changed due to being sued by lady Gaga?) Anyway the owner of the company started this idea as he thought it was good enough for babies then it would be good enough for everybody. According to the BBC report which you can find on the link below, the donor known as Mrs Hiley would express on the spot then the milk would be pasteurized and made into ice cream and then sold for per serving £14.

Mrs Hiley used to get paid £15 for every 10 ounces of milk she donated to the company and said it was a great “recession beater” as she was able to make extra cash suing her best ‘assets’ as she called it.

In 2010 a top restaurant owner and Chef Daniel Angerer revealed his recipe of cheese made from his wife’s breast milk and was happy to welcome those curious for taster sessions…okay i am lost for words here but you can read more and get the recipe on the link below from the Guardian.

Well what can i say here…live and let live as the saying goes but still i think drinking breast milk is a very odd thing to do mind you that may be due to what i have been brought up to deem as normal. I cannot even see anything in the Bible that talks about adults drinking breast milk however the closest thing i could find is in Proverbs 5:19 where it reads as follows:

A loving doe, a graceful deer—
    may her breasts satisfy you always,
    may you ever be intoxicated with her love.

I know the above applies explicitly to husbands and a wives so whilst husbands and wives keep each other busy doing whatever they do hint hint  i will stick to good quality cow’s milk thank you!






Cravings in pregnancy??? check out this new ad from Mcdonald’s…..i can relate lol

I saw this advert a couple of weeks ago and could not help but laugh…how true is that! You know the feeling when your pregnant and craving for something and only that something will do. This man heeds to his wife’s cravings and goes out late in the night to find pickled gherkins for her. Pregnancy eh…some crave sweet some sour and some even crave clay but whatever it is you crave i am sure you can relate…my husband used to come home with bags and bags of royal gala apples as i could not get enough of it. I used to wonder if in the end i might give birth to an apple so i thank the Lord i had a sweet baby girl…lol