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Always make time for tea and cake

cacao - CopyI am known as the mama of the family because i just love to have people over. Sometimes friends,family,neighbours and of course fellow mums. Friends on a diet often avoid popping round for fear of adding on calories because they know that visiting me equals lots of yummy home cooked food and i never take no for an answer. The other day whilst returning from the school run, i bumped into my dear friend Julia Gulia. As usual we agreed on date for tea and cake. Me being me i offered to host but my dear friend would have none of it. She promised me some yummy home baked chocolate cake and well….i just could not refuse.

When i arrived for our tea and cake a few days later, i could not believe all the trouble she had gone. She had baked he most amazing chocolate cake which was just waiting for me to dive into. My friend knows how much i love herbal tea and well any type of tea really and she made a huge effort. I had so many to choose from i was like a spoilt gummy granny.

It was such a blessing and as i left that afternoon i thought, sometimes all we need is a love,tea,cake and great chit chats. I also realised that it is perfectly OK to be loved on and spoilt because kindness can experienced both ways.

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Chomping at the savoy

IMG-20161114-WA0002 - Copy (2)I am always on the look out for ways to make my cooking easy by trying lots of different stuff…yes i like to spice up my life lol (my kitchen life). I have recently become acquainted with the darling savoy cabbage and i must say its the best cabbage ever. I am familiar with the red cabbage which can be used for salads an likewise the white cabbage which can be steamed but the savoy cabbage in my eyes is the queen of all cabbages. I have found the savoy cabbage to be so versatile that i have been able to use it  raw for coleslaw, gentle steamed and served with a delicious roast. The most surprising thing of all about the darling savoy cabbage is that it has withstood my African cuisine. I was able to make a proper soup with palm oil and smoked fish which tasted amazing alongside pounded yam. I know that some African dishes takes ages to be prepared and my soup was prepared in 30 min but i was amazed that the cabbage retained its colour and crunch. So if you are looking to spice up your life and add some colour to it then i would recommend this delicious veg. It is simply delicious whichever way you choose to serve it and i guarantee you will soon be chomping at the savoy.

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It’s going to a blessed summer :)

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this morning. I enjoyed the fresh morning sun,cup of tea and most importantly the word of God. It has been weeks since i have sat down to relax like this. Normally i am either stuck in traffic, attending playgroup,assembly or the usual school activities. My usual routine keeps me so busy that by the time i have done the morning school run, get home, blink twice then it is home time and time to dash off again but today was simply beautiful. Today i was able to just enjoy the early morning sun bouncing from the sky to my windows while i enjoyed the daily word. I did not just pour my tea in my mouth as i normally would when rushing…no i just sat and enjoyed every drop and appreciated the fact that summer holiday is indeed upon us. God is so good and i intend to enjoy the beauty of His works even beyond the summer holidays when the hustle and bustle returns.


Happy mother’s day 2016

Image result for mothers day christianityJust a little note to say a very happy mother’s day to all the mother’s out there. As hectic as our daily schedules are and as tired as we get sometimes still we now deep within our hearts that being a mummy is one of the most rewarding roles ever. Sometimes it feels like you do not even have a moment to just relax and those weekend lay in are a distant memory yet we would not trade mummyhood for the world.

I had a lovely mother’s day and for me the highlight was receiving a card from Grace which she had made at school. She already told me on Friday she had a surprise for me in her book bag but i had to promise not to peep. The card was so beautiful and i could see all the effort she had made to make my day lovely. We went to church and we enjoyed a wonderful message titled love by Dr RT Kendall. We also took communion (as we do first Sunday of the month). The service was so beautiful and i felt so blessed.

After church i received another card from hubby and a big box of chocolates which we all demolished after lunch yummy yummy. As much as i am thankful for these things…i am also thankful; for life, health  and family. I am also thankful for pure love which we have in Christ.


RCCG Altar of praise: Girls 1 day summer camp London Saturday, 22 August 2015 from 10:00 to 18:30 (BST)

Alterofpraise - Copy

The regent’s 1 day event is back once again and invite all girls aged 11-16 to participate. Their message is always to reach young girls with the love message of what the Bible says girls are rather than what the media says they should be. We live in a time where you do not have to go far to see things and life styles contrary to the word of the living God so i am thankful for programmes such as the regents unity and i am sure all those who attend will be blessed!!

This is a free event and the day will be fully packed with exciting activities and empowering  messages. For  more information and directions please check their event page by clicking on the link below:


Forget the tooth fairy, the tooth Angel is on his way :))

For a few months now my big girl has been obsessing about her friends having wobbly teeth. For months she has a seen  her friends become bunny rabbits whilst patiently waiting for her turn. She would come home after school and say, ‘mummy, that’s not fair so and so her tooth fell out. when is mine falling out’…

3 weeks ago she was playing and swinging her head on the side of the sofa (as you do) and something bumped her causing her tooth to loosen. The moment had arrived and my princess was over the moon. I got her to rinse her mouth with warm water and salt and then i took a look. I had never seen anything like that before because underneath the wobbly tooth was already her ‘grown up’ tooth coming through which i am sure pushed out the baby tooth (as confirmed by her dentist).

As the week went by, princess took care of that wobbly tooth like a precious egg. On father’s day day the tooth decided to fall out much to her relief. I had been agonising about the whole tooth fairy process because this is my first time and i am still learning about training up our children. Princess asked about the tooth fairy and i just blurted, ‘erm well, the tooth fairy wont be coming but the tooth Angel will be coming instead’. I explained to her again why we do not watch programmes with witches and fairies. I then told her that the tooth Angel will be coming to bless her. When she slept that night, i made a little card and wrote a verse (The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it John1:5) and kept under her pillow. This verse was appropriate plus i still left some money in her room which i told her she can save in her piggy. We congratulated her for her new grown up tooth and as it was father’s day we also went for a day out.

I know we are in the the world but not of this world yet sometimes i find it difficult but i know that we have to draw a line and not partake in certain things. My princess already knows that her friends received money from the fairy so explaining to her was weird but at the same time i am glad the topic came up.

The journey continues to be beautiful; and sometimes difficult questions and topic pops up but as Author Mary Beth Hick would say, ‘it is all teachable moments’.

A rise in new age and darkness in children’s TV shows



I don’t know if its me, but i have seen an increase in new age stuff and darkness creeping into children’s shows. I first begun to notice this when my first daughter Grace was 1. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and i could hear a voice from the telly saying, ‘yogo yogo’. Out of curiosity i popped my head in the sitting room and i saw my innocent Grace watching waybaloo. The characters were putting themselves in yoga positions and postures and there was this haunting chiming music in the background. I saw a crystal pendant hanging near this dial type of a symbol.  This was a bit much for me and something in my spirit did not like it so i quickly changed the channel. I did not think it was right for the BBC to be feeding these things into my child’s spirit and mind. I believe people should  practice their beliefs however i do not think it should be forced upon young minds.

I had a talk with friends who had the same concerns. As we discussed we realized there were more and more programmes such as Holly’s little kingdom, Tree fu tom and more. I have even heard the tree fu tom character say, ‘follow me lets do big world magic’. There you have it discerning mums and dads. The enemy is no longer trying to hide his agenda. The agenda is as clear as day because i cannot read ‘big world magic’ in  any other way.

Most recently Grace was watching Sophia the first on Disney junior. There are some nice shows on Disney junior that i find educational such as Special agent oso, handy Manny and Sherrif Callie. Asides from that, i cannot ignore the fact that Disney loves too much magic. Recently whilst my daughter was watching Sofia the first i noticed a scrawny looking character  Cedric who calls himself the sorcerer. Cedric was trying to get his hands on Sofia’s Amulet. This was a new word to me so i looked it up and most of the findings read, ‘

An amulet (Latin amulētum) can be any object whose most important characteristic is its alleged power to protect its owner from danger or harm. Amulets are different from talismans as a talisman is believed to bring luck or some other benefit, though it can offer protection as well’ (from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amulet03/jan/2015)
The above description was shocking and then i realized a top gifted to Grace has the same amulet( necklace) around the neck area and so threw the top in the bin. The item was purchased  innocently by my friend but after watching the amulet episode i realized it was something i was not prepared to let my daughter wear. I want my children to grow up in the full knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. I trust that my children will always rely on the power of the Cross therefore getting rid of that top was a start. It is not easy of course because at the moment everywhere you look you see frozen and similar shows all focusing on the dark side..the merchandise people have really gone coockoo on this one and i would not be surprised if i went to the supermarket tomorrow and i saw a frozen toilet brush lol. Yes it is not easy but with Christ all things are possible and i also see something as teachable moments which enable me to teach my children the right things based on our faith.
A funny thing  happened recently when my husband was telling my daughter off because she had been naughty. She was so upset she turned towards him and waved her hands as if holding a wand and said, ‘daddy i am going to turn you into a frog (she was copying holly’s little kingdom). We tried not to laugh about it in front of her but just explained to her that turning people into frogs is not the best way to get your way and its much better to bless than curse.
I do not want to come across as a boring mum. My darlings have lots of fun and there are lots of secular and non secular shows they enjoy but at times as discerning parents we do have to draw a line. Matthew 6:22  reads,’The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light’.
Asides from watching TV there is actually something called life which is best enjoyed with human beings out and about in the open fresh air no matter the weather.
Image above of waybuloo belongs to http://waybuloo.wikia.com/wiki/Ancient_Yogo_Machine

You know it’s time to change your wig when your baby mistakes you for a sheep


This happened a few months ago and i did not plan on sharing but changed my mind as the scene keeps playing over and over again in my head. So this happened when my baby Shalom was 16 months old. On that particular day i was wearing a tight curly wig as i am trying to grow my natural hair. I had been wearing that wig for a good couple of months and it made other things easier because i could then use my time on other things instead of doing my hair everyday….

Anyway, going back to the gist, i was holding her when she kept pointing at my hair and saying, ‘baba sheep’. She could not say the word black then but i knew she was trying to sing baba black sheep. I did not know if i should laugh,cry or send her to the corner for 1 minute. I did not do any of those instead i sang along with her, ‘yes darling baba backsheep have you any wool’.

Yes children do say the funniest things and needless to say i changed my hair without delay 🙂 lol


image taken from rudebeast.com

Happy mother’s day to all you wonderful mothers out there :))

Call Her BlessedWow it has been ages since i blogged but could not let this day go by without popping by to say happy mother’s day to all. This beautiful journey called motherhood starts from forever and lasts forever. As well as being beautiful it is also one of the most important roles in the world because even world leaders and lawyers do not just fall from the sky. Indeed they came about because somebody chose to give them life and nurture them.

I was walking back from school drop off last week when i had a deep convo with one of the mums who also happens to be a christian. We discussed about the scripture that says ,” Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”(Mark16:15-16). You see a lot of the times people are gagging for roles in the church whilst neglecting their responsibilities as parents or sometimes undermining their roles. Some are obsessed with joining the choir,ushering or hogging the stage. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with serving but i believe we need to stop undermining our roles and find a balance. The Bible does tell us to, ‘train up a child in the way he should go’ and that backs backs up what my friend and i were discussing. We discussed how we can fit in ‘go ye into the world’ in between school runs, cooking,cleaning,homework,school project,taking care of hubby and all other things that being a full time mother entails. My friend laughed and said, ‘but your children are your number one ministry’. She is sort of right because sometimes there is that conflict that a lot of us would love to go out evangelising etc and then you have that guilt when you cannot find the time. I believe that when God wants you to go and be a missionary He will provide all that is necessary for example Valerie Shepard and her family. Likewise i do not think it is wise beating yourself up and feeling guilty that your not out there doing the ‘work’ of the Lord because, believe me ‘training up your child’ still counts as serving the Lord.

So back to the point, happy mother’s day dear mothers and me included. Whatever we are doing with our families, i pray that we would do it all as if doing it unto God. The main thing is that  we have to enjoy every seasons of our lives and who knows, perhaps one day God may send you to preach, lay hands on the sick and be the hands and feet of Christ. Saying that, it does not mean we cannot reach out in our current season. It would not hurt to share the love of Christ with fellow mums. It would not hurt at all to offer to pray for the sick or the lost. What i am trying to say is before we get the opportunity to go to a far away place…..i guess we can start wherever we are so on that note, Happy mother’s day with Love and blessings to you all xxxxxx 🙂